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My Weekend in San Diego/Anaheim/Fullerton

7:41 AMDollie DeVille

This weekend was so much fun that I forgot my camera-oops! Just imagine it!

On Friday night we had Sugarballs and Sandra over for dinner because Chris didn't get to make it to our party because he had a show. It was a good to get to talk to them in a quiet atmosphere for once! We had to make it an early night though because we were leaving town early on Saturday to head to San Diego. Miss Amber Foxx, Chris "Sugarballs" Sprague and His 18 Wheelers, and The Lucky Stars were playing at O'Connels Pub that night. We met up with Amber and Bobby at their house, and then hitched a ride with them to San Diego. It took a little bit longer than normal to get there because the boys had a hankering for Popeye's (they didnt get enough on the San Fran trip), and GPS let us to a mall food court that a Popeye's used to be in 3 years prior, and then we had to find another one. Once the boys got their fried chicken and the girls got Subway, we made it to the pub. 

I had never been to O'Connel's before, but the place was really cool! The stage, dance floor, and bar were really big. They had PBR tall cans for $5-you can't beat that! The show was great, but how could it not be with a line up like that? We (Amber, Bobby, Sugarballs, Sandra, Zack and I) left the bar about 2am and then headed to Denny's. Nothing to rave about there, but the company and conversation was good. After that we drove back to Amber and Bobby's house were we were staying the night. We got there about 5am and crashed right away. After about 5 hours of sleep we headed to brunch at The Filling Station in Orange Circle. The Filling Station is a little cafe that is all decked out like a 1950's gas station. There were a ton of great antiques all around the restaurant, which just made the food taste more wonderful! 

The brunch crew

After we were full we went shopping around Orange Circle. Can you believe I have never been to Orange Circle before? I have heard so much about it, so I was so excited! We went in a few vintage clothing stores, antique malls and even a cupcake shop! I got a few new items of clothing and a few new things for the house (which I will include pics of in a future post). After we were shopped out we went back to Amber and Bobby's house to freshen up before heading to the Rockabilly Relief For Japan show at Bigs. Karling hosted 
an amazing benefit show with tons of acts, including Kim Lenz, Deke Dickerson, Vicky Tafoya, Karling and the Kats, Lil' Mo and The Dynaflos, Dawn Shipely and more! What an amazing lineup! There was also a silent auction and raffle with prizes like a My Baby Jo giftcard. The show was a smashing success and raised over $4,000 for Japan.

These are the only two pics I have of the event, thanks to Zack's new droid: 

Dawn Shipley and I. It was soooo good to see her on stage again!

Sally Jo and I. 

We didn't get home until about 1:30am that night, so it was killer trying to get up for work Monday morning. We had one crazy weekend, and something tells me next weekend will be just as crazy! Hopefully I will remember my camera and do a decent blog post!


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  1. What a wonderful weekend!!!! First let me say i have to totally live through are like in training for Viva...I always worry i wont be able to hack it staying up for 4 days cuz i have to shop during the day instead of well sleepin'...but gal your doing it right...prep weeks before!!!!!!I've got to pull up my big girl panties and get out...soon!!!!!!!

    Love Orange circle...nice and low key!Glad you had a blast, thanks for sharing it with us!!!

  2. You had a busy weekend.
    I was not be able to go to O'Connel's after the job...

    BTW, The Filling Station seems very nice. I must visit there next time.

  3. It looks like you had a very busy but wonderful weekend in San Diego! I have never heard of Orange Circle before either, but it sounds like a great place to shop.


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