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My VLV Fashion Golden Rule

8:07 AMDollie DeVille

One of my Viva Las Vegas fashion rules is “Don’t Wear Anything You Just Bought”.

So, it is Friday afternoon at VLV and you just bought a fabulous new outfit. You love it so much that you can’t wait to wear it. I know you want to wear it tonight, but don’t! I know it may sound weird, but let me explain. Maybe the best way to explain would be from my experiences.

At my second VLV, I didn’t know about this rule (because I hadn’t made it up yet). I let a vendor talk me into buying a vintage dress. It was sort of WW2-esk, grey, with these two cute buttons. I was on the fence because it was a little too big in the waist, and I was not sure it looked good on me. But the seller said it was fabulous on me, so I bought it anyway. At that time, I didn’t really have a lot of vintage clothing, so I was really excited to wear this dress. But, since it didn’t really fit, I decided it needed a belt. I went all around the vendors, looking for a belt to match. Again, I let another vendor talk me into buying this horrendous belt to go with it. It was grey, with a huge sparkly round buckle. The seller swore that it was perfect because it matched the buttons on the dress. So, I wore it that night instead of the outfit I had planned. I also tried to pin the back of my hair up, to make it look like a fancy going out ‘do. Basically, it was all wrong. When I think back I am horrified. What was I thinking?!? Now-a-days, following my rule, I would take it home where I have oodles and oodles of accessories to pair it with, ultimately finding a better match. In this situation, I would have gotten it taken in, paired it with a skinny black belt, black heels and a black hat. Then I would have worn it some other time and not been embarrassed. Basically, you can’t get your first time back. You can’t make a first impression all over again. So, do it right the first time!

With Lance. My outfit and hair is ruining an otherwise great picture.

The same thing also happened to me at VLV 2 years ago. I splurged on this beautiful 40s shirt and top set. I loved it so much that I wanted to wear it right away, and put it on as a late night dance outfit. It was a splash, and it did look great, but I still broke the rule and dealt with the consequences. How you ask? Well, I wore it for about a mere 2-3 hours, took a lot of pics, and those pics got seen a lot. Because of that, I have not worn it since! I should have saved it, and gotten the opportunity to wear it alllllll night like it deserves! I have now learned my lesson about saving my clothes for the right opportunity. Last Viva I bought a ton of nice things, including a white sequin wiggle dress and a 1940s two piece play suit. They have been sitting in my closet for A WHOLE YEAR for it to be Viva again so I can debut them! It that time I collected the right accessories to match them perfectly. Yay! So, I know it hurts to follow this rule, but believe me, it is worth it!

This is the top, without the matching skirt.
For some reason, this picture has been viewed more than any other of my pics from VLV that year.
Because it was seen so much, I haven't worn it since!

I hope you can learn a lesson from my experience, and follow my golden rule-Don't wear anything you just bought that year!


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  1. Again I know exactly what you mean! I always end up buying a dress at a weekender and then frantically searching the other stalls for shoes/bags/hair flower to match and you're right, it just doesn't work. You should plan your outfits before and stick to them. I guess its ok with things like jeans and tops but night outfits, definitely don't buy something intending to wear it that night if you don't have all your arsenal with you!!!


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