More New Purchases!

7:17 AMDollie DeVille

I wasn't shopped out quite yet, so I bought more. 
I also have something amazing, and novelty print, on layaway for Viva. Yay.

I paid way to much for this playsuit probably, but I love how it looks on! 
I love the flirty skirt and fish print! 

Vintage red rose dress.
I also like floral print-can you tell?

Vintage navy and white striped dress.

A cute little mirror with hooks to hang in my dressing room.

Vintage white beaded purse with lucite clasp

Big rattan purse with teak turtle, pineapple, etc

Amazingly HUG green rattan purse. It matches my green Remix shoes perfectly.
I know both of these purses and that playsuit will be making an appearance at VLV. 

Last but not least, vintage carved slip ons-in the original box!


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  1. Love the playsuit and the wedges! I'm so sad I cant shop right now :-(

  2. take me shopping with you ;) fantastic finds!

  3. How cool, I have a purse just like the beaded cream one you have, only mine has that repeated pattern all over it, same type of lucite clasp and I don't think the person who sold it to me even knew it could be worth more than $14.00!

  4. The green purse is so cute and would look great with those carved-heel those! and in the original box?...fabulous!

  5. Yes Dollie, love the shoes and playsuit, Of course I sold them to you! But I do have good taste, believe me if I didnt have doctor bills to pay and the stuff wasnt too big on me, it would still stay with me. Send your friends my way as I have lots of goodies for sale. Love ya, Cher

  6. Oooh what a great haul! Loove the carved wedges, play suit and green bag the most! Adorable :)
    x Molly

  7. That playsuit is PRICELESS! Great print and color scheme : D.


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