The Miss Dollie DeVille Doll!

9:00 PMDollie DeVille

Something very very very special came for me in the mail the other day, but I couldn't post about it until I bought more space for photos. So, sorry this and many other posts are late.

It was a gift from one of the sweetest people in the world, Christene of Rockabilly Dolls!

My very own Rockabilly Doll! 
Remember my post about Rockabilly Dolls? 
Well Christene made me one!
What a great surprise that was!

She is modeled after me, and had my personal style. 
Look at that pink bow!!!

That's my tattoo!

This is the tattoo I have on my low back, but it wouldn't fit there, so she moved it to my ankle. 
I love it! Look at those cute wedges!

That is a perfect replica of my tattoo. 

Look at the base! It has my name on it and more bows. 

 She looks great in my dressing room on my new pink shelf!
I love her 3 piece playsuit! I would totally wear that. 
I also love her earrings, bangles and necklace!

And if that wasn't enough.....
She also made me jewelry to match my doll!!
I love it all and have gotten a lot of use out of it!

Isn't Christene the sweetest gal ever!!!!
A BIG BIG BIG thank you!!!


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  1. HI Dollie OMG yer Post brought me to tears but in a Good way IM so happy u Lover her she fits perfect on yer pink shelf and it was my pleasure to make her for you, the most sweetest of the sweet you are hunny, this was a fun project for me to do because I had such a great time capturing you in Lil Miss Dollie I truely enjoyed every minute of it so I thank you so much the Jewelry was a special thank you to you for giving me the opportunity and your gift to me was amazingly sweet as well hunny :) your as sweet as the day is Long and its was my Pleasure to do this for you hunny Im happy a lil PIce of my Art has Graced yer home, Enjoy Always Sweetie xoxoxoxox Christie


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