Mid-Century Modern Party

Housewarming Party!!!

12:07 PMDollie DeVille

This last weekend was our housewarming party. I wish that all of my blogger friends could have been there, but because I know that is entirely impossible, I decided to have a virtual housewarming party! I really wanted to take a video tour of the house to show you, but sadly, I never got around to it. I did try to take some pics for you though. I got a lot of the party patrons and such, but not a lot of the house. But, I can still post more house pics later, as it aint goin' anywhere! I think I will actually post those in a before and after post....maybe next week if I can get around to it. Anyway, back to the story. We had some grand ideas for our party, but the weather kind of ruined that. We had planned to have the party mostly in the backyard, BBQ style. Zack was going to wear his 50s novelty BBQ shirt and I was going to wear a poofy circle dress and apron like a cheesy 50s  couple, but because of the rain I had to settle for something warmer: my favorite vintage cardigan, blue bells, and remix shoes:

Little Sandra Sprague was our first guest of the afternoon

Brandon and Jenny getting cozy on our couch.
Aren't they cute!!!

Chris (Roy Rapid), Mary, Me, and Chris (Mr. Tiny)

The Stuckey clan

Lovie and Pearl modeling with my Snow White gnomes

Lovie likes our fountain 

Our Backyard!

Zack BBQing hot dogs

Guests hanging out and eating all the food I made:
Pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad, coleslaw, pasta salad, baked beans and Santa Fe style salad. 

Bobby always looks so sharp!

Girls only!

The sweets table: mini funfetti cupcakes, chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, and candy bar. 

Amber made these delicious and beautiful Easter themed cake pops!

We got way too many presents. Our friends are too good to us!

Amber made me this planter out of succulents from her own yard.
I adore her. 

A vintage tomato slicer in original packaging! 
Thanks Brandon!

Mini Apron book from Amber 

Giant pickles!!! Yum! 
From Amber too, on top of the two 50s cookbooks she got us too!

Beautiful gold lamp for Jordan and Memo!

I love it! It has room on the side for plants! Swoon!

From Emily and Jesse...

Homemade bread!!! I loved the green bow it was tied with.
I kept it of course!

New bar accessory from Alana and Rene!!!
She also got me a vintage wrap skirt and tulips. 

Vintage glasses from Leslie and Tommy. 
I have the perfect shelf to display these!

Mary and Chris getting cozy. Too cute!

Our backyard at dusk. I love our party lights! 
When it gets dark....all hell breaks loose!

That's when the guitars came out

Amber is too cute

Roy Rapid is amazing! I cant wait to see them at VLV!

Mary was the talk of the night. She can sing, play guitar and banjo! 
She needs to start her own band asap!
She is only 17! 

Derek Dupree

Wouldn't be a party without dancing!


The beer dance!

Then we did the orange dance!

Too funny!

Lorenzo in my pink room!

Leslie and I

Leslie, Deen and Alana

My pink room...aka dressing room!

Bobby looks good in this clair

Leslie and Tommy!

Jesse playing guitar

More dancing!

More strolling....
By the way...like that apron? Chris...Mr. Tiny on Etsy...made it for me as a housewarming gift!

More dancing and stuff


Down the hatch!

The boys

Alana and Deen

Deen and Amber

Tom Plante and Charlotte

More jamming. 

Then, to cap off the night.....
I hired a Johnny Horton Stripper:

He Sang....He Danced....He took his pants off:

Bow chica wow wow!!! 

Really, that was just Chance. He really did all that stuff, and I didn't even have to pay him!

So, the party was a smashing success! 
The first guest showed up at about 2pm, and the last guest left at 1am. 
We were exhausted!
Thank you soooo much to all of our friends that made it out.
We are so lucky to have amazing friends like you. 

Dollie and Zack

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  1. What a fun time and cool bunch of friends! The house is looking fab btw...you guys are doing a great job!


  2. Congratulations!!!
    Very nice house, interiors, and wouderful friends.

  3. Great post! The new digs look lovely! I love those vintage glasses and the dish set the olives were in! Your home has amazing style! (just like you :)

    The party looks like it was a swell time!

  4. Ah how is every room and picture of your house so adorable?!?! Such an inspiration. :)

  5. Wow what a fab place! I'll bet you too are so excited. Everything looks so good already!

  6. Looks like it was a hit, what fun! I would love to see more pictures of your pink room ;D

  7. Happy House Warming! what a lovely home you have...and the best is to share it with friends! What fun thanks for the invite...hey where is my shot!!!!?

  8. Amazing Pix Hunny ILOVE LOVE yer house Im sorry I missed such a fun time I thank you for the invite sweetie looks like u guys received lots of good things so fun congrats on a fun Housewarming party LOved the Pix xoxoxox :) Christie

  9. Your house looks lovely. Looks like a fabulous party.

  10. Wow great party and a Johnny Horton stripper !!!! Lucky you !!!

    Love your sweet table !! yummy !!!

  11. Looks great Dollie and I am sure it will only get better. See you in vegas!

  12. Thanks for such an amazing time Dollie! Your house is amazing and you were the perfect host.
    XOXO Amber

  13. You look so adorable! And your friends are so cute, I love how everyone is dressed. How about your home? Swoon! Good times!

  14. I have that same Chromex flour canister! I scored mine for $4 and my mom thought I was crazy. I <3 it


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