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7:00 PMDollie DeVille

I went to go post some pics of something I got in the mail, and I couldn't because blogger says I have used my 1 GB max storage space. WTF? I didn't know anything about this. So now I have to pay for more storage, or delete old pics, or not add new ones....or what? Has anyone else ran into this problem?


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  1. I did a couple of months ago, open an account with photobucket its free and post url from your pics.
    Blogger's weird sometimes it lets me upload a few fotos without using the url from photobucket. And takes forever to show my post on dashboard.
    Hope it helps amor.

  2. Yep...I ran thru my allowed space pretty fast and had to buy more. It was very inexpensive and last all year. I just found buying more space faster and easier than other methods I looked at.


  3. I noticed the space limitation about 6 months after I started blogging. After discovering this I started using IrfanView (it's a free photo resizing software program) and I resize all of my photos into much smaller formats, which in turn, uses up much less storage space. I don't have a solution for your current problem other than to use a seperate photo hosting site or paying for more storage, unless you want to go through each post, resize the photos into smaller formats, and delete the old photos and reupload the photos in the new format (sounds tedious, doesn't it?).

  4. Do you minimize your photo size when you post? If you use Photoshop, there is a feature under File/Save for Web & Devices that will minimize your files to a fraction of what they were and save you some space. May be too late for what you've already posted, but for future memory issues, it could be helpful.

  5. Oh good grief--another Blogger problem? I don't think I've run into this one but at least now I'll know what to do if it happens.

  6. Well I hope u can get this resolved cuz I think its yer lil gal u r tying to post I wanna see her up here soon honey :) xoxoxoox Christie


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