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VLV Countdown: Horror Story!

5:03 PMDollie DeVille

I wanted to do a post about VLV Horror Stories as part of my VLV Countdown series, and see that our first timers can learn from them. When I was looking for stories, most people gave me a two sentence explanation, and not a juicy detailed saga like I wanted. So, I had my sugar daddy write up our little horror story for your enjoyment:

So, the ol’ doll and chain (looove you honeeey) has been telling me for some time now that I need to do a write up on our Viva whore story. I was rather unsure about doing this. After all, being the respectable gentleman-a-billy that I am it doesn’t seem proper to be sharing my Vegas whore stories. Also, I think it breaks the “Vegas code” that I’m always seeing on the T.V. Something like...“What happens in Vegas you should probably only tell your guy friends..,” or however the devil that expression goes.

Hold on, Dollie’s yelling at me (again). ‘Ouch!, What was that fer!? Oh….that kind of horror story!’ Well…

It all started long ago (2006) along a magical stretch of road known as the Pearblossom highway that travels through the dusty lands of the Antelope Valley. This is where the groundwork was lain for the ominous events yet to be told. In our convoy was a ’34 Plymouth, a ’37 Ford truck, Dollie and I in our ’55 Fairlane, and one or two friends in modern vehicles. For those who are familiar with the Pearblossom highway, you know how treacherous it can be. Straight, single lanes on either side and small rolling desert hills that block your vision of cars ahead. And, did I mention we are doing about 90mph down this road. Well, I should say that I was doing 90mph and falling behind at a rapid pace from my hotrod friends going much faster up front. The Fairlane was simply not meant for these speeds and she rattled and groaned with every accelerator press. Because of the single lanes, it meant we would have to enter into the opposing lane to pass cars if we ever wanted to catch up with our friends. In hindsight, I don’t know why it was sooo important to keep up with everyone, but the whole point of convoying was that if there were any car trouble we had a built in support network. And so with a foot on the gas and white knuckles on the wheel we entered into the opposing lane to pass. It had seemed as if we had plenty of room for a comfortable pass, however traveling at 90mph sure closed the gap fast with oncoming traffic and suddenly we found ourselves in a game of chicken. And not the fun kind with a doo-wop soundtrack like in the movie ‘Cry Baby,’ oh no, this was more akin to ‘Red Asphalt.’ In what surely seemed like mere moments to spare we snuck around the car and back into our lane just in time for me to get chewed out by our favorite socialite Dollie. And she had a right too! It was a stupid and scary moment that should have never happened. From there on we slowed down until we rendezvoused with our friends at a gas station before the onramp to the 15 freeway. We all agreed that we were way to overzealous about getting to Viva and needed to calm down.

The 15 freeway brought upon a sense of calm as it was nice open lanes and a smooth riding surface, just cruise along at 70mph and we’ll be there before we know it. Shortly past Barstow but not yet Baker we ran upon some freeway construction. Each time the freeway had an overpass there was a large swath of concrete that had been removed. This caused about a 3-4 inch difference in road heights. All the old cars in the convoy had been lowered and were pretty much devoid of any kind of suspension. Because we all were totally unaware/unsuspecting of this problem we slammed into these pot-holes hard. So hard that Dollie hit her head on the ceiling of the Fairlane on one occasion. Another we hit so hard that it knocked the car’s transmission into neutral! Hell, it even knocked out the wiring on my brake lights…uh-oh. We slowed to a crawl and stumbled into Baker cursing this forsaken desert.

Thinking our troubles are behind Dollie and I are of the mindset that we are going to cruise around 50mph and get to Stateline where we had planned to stay for the evening. It was quiet, our convoy had moved on ahead as their vehicles were having less problems, and there was blackness of night as far as we could see. Suddenly, the front left of the car slammed down into the concrete and sparks began to fly, lighting up the area. The car pulled hard to left and then back to right as we skidded across the truck lane and finally settled into the dirt along the freeway. Looking back on this, we more than likely owe our lives to the fact that there was not a big-rig in the truck lane as we would have surely gone under the wheels of it with my car being as low as it was. When the car finally stopped and we had finished shitting our pants I looked over at Dollie and was like ‘Whoaa’ and then she was like ‘whoaaaaa’ (that didn’t happen) but she did start crying and I was pissed and started hitting the car.

Long story short, (since this is already a long story) we had to get towed all the way into Vegas since that’s where a mechanic was. We did not have a room so I had to walk around trying to find one. Ended up at Emerald Suites behind the Orleans. We couldn’t find the part for the car and stayed an extra 3 days in Vegas. Boy that sure was an expensive trip! And then on the drive home we had to cross the same pot-holes. It was like a bad horror movie sequel. So that is our Vegas horror story.

Dollie here. Zack did an “okay” job telling the story, but let me fill you in on the more horrible stuff. Yeah, the car broke. Yeah, I cried. But he didn’t go into the hairy details of the entire night. So, back to the part where we were on the 15 and crashed the car. Our friends in the hot rods didn’t want to be held up by our old battle-ax, so they sped on ahead and we agreed to meet at Buffalo Bills at state line. I was already frazzled that Zack insisted on “keeping up with the Jones’” as I called it, even if it meant putting our lives in danger. So, I gave him the proper lickin’ and told him to slow down. Vegas would still be there when we got there. So, thank god that we were only going about 50mph when the car finally did decide to break. She cracked the left lower ball joint, sent the wheel up under the car, and took out a good part of the steel body in the process. Sending us across all lanes of the freeway. Fun! Zack did a good job maneuvering this heavy beast onto the side of the road before we hit anyone else. At first we didn’t know what happened, just that the car was broke. I was stressed, and upset that this had to happen on my first ever trip to Vegas. This was not the way I wanted my vacation to start. I was the one that insisted that we caravan if we wanted to take the old car, and now our friends that were supposed to be there in this sort of situation, were already way ahead of us and didn’t want to turn around. Luckily, one of our friends in a modern car was not too far ahead, and turned around to meet us. He also graciously offered us his free 200 mile AAA tow. We couldn’t afford a tow all the way to Vegas, so this was a life saver. We had a room booked at State line, but since there was no mechanic there, we had to go straight into Vegas, where we didn’t have a room booked. By the time we got dropped off at the mechanic shop in Vegas, it was about 3am or so, and the place was very scary because it was in a bad area of town. We couldn’t afford a cab (did I mention I only had $300 for the whole weekend), so we had to walk a pretty long way with ALL OF OUR LUGGAGE to the Orleans to try and get a room for the night. But the Orleans was sold out. Duh duh DUH!!! We walked around to multiple hotels around The Orleans, trying to find a vacancy. It was a load of fun….NOT! Then we found, and paid $60 for a crappy room at Emerald Suites. Did I mention that we still had to pay for the room at State line because we didn’t cancel in the 24 hour period? I am sorry, Buffalo Bills, that I didn’t know we were going to crash the car, or else I would have canceled my reservation sooner. Okay, so we got to the room about 5am and I was ready to crash. But, my wonderful boyfriend realized that he forgot to leave the keys to the car with the mechanic shop, and that they would need them in the morning to address the situation. So, he was going to walk back and drop them off. I really wanted to let him walk alone, but I couldn’t do that to him. So, we walked all the way back to the mechanic, stopping to have dinner at AMPM (did I mention that we had planned to eat at the 24 hour cafĂ© in Buffalo Bills, so we hadn’t eaten anything since lunch). We finally got back to the hotel room about 6:30am and crashed out for a whole two hours until the mechanic shop open. Once the mechanic shop was open Zack had to walk back there again to take care of some business. They told us that they had to order the part and that it would take 3 days, and cost us a lot of money. So, since this was all so unexpected, we had to take a few extra days off work, pay for more nights in a hotel room, and pay for a pricy mechanic. But you want to know the worst part????? I didn’t bring enough clothing!!!! So, I had to buy Viva T-Shirts and wear those for a few days. So, there it is, my horror story.

What can the VLV newbs learn from this? Don’t drive an old car! He he he. Unless it is perfect I guess. Also, pack extra clothes, and bring extra funds or a card for emergencies.


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  1. Oh gosh, how horrible! Yikes, that makes me nervous. I'm going to Vegas next weekend. I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed/pray that something like that does not happen to us.

    XoX Sandy

  2. I had TWO vehicles break down on me in TWO days recently and I can totally relate, sweetie. But at least you were in Vegas and it was VLV. I was in Mississippi where it sucks 24/7. Great storytellin', both of you!!!

  3. Good blog! I genuinely really like how it's quick on my eyes as well as the info are well written. I'm wondering how I may be notified whenever a new post has been produced. I have subscribed to your rss feed which need to do the trick! Have a nice day!


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