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VLV Countdown: 70 days to go!

5:13 PMDollie DeVille

Since I talked about the Gold Coast last, I thought I would talk about The Orleans next. I know a lot of my readers are going to VLV for the first time. For some it will be their first trip to Vegas period, and for a few it will even be the first time they stay in a hotel as big as The Orleans. So, I thought I would give you all the run-down. The Orleans hotel is pretty big, especially for a hotel off of the strip. It has 1,886 guest rooms, so I suppose I will start there.

In my opinion, the rooms are a lot nicer than the price would lead you to believe. They market their standard guest rooms as “mini suites” because they all have a separate sitting area with a love seat, lounge chair, and coffee table. They come with one king bed or two queens. The bathroom has the necessities, a tub/shower combo, and a closet area to hang clothing (bring extra hangers if you want to hang everything). At first I didn’t like that the clothes hung in the bathroom because I thought they would get smelly, but the bathroom ventilates well for the size (it has a window too), and the steam from your shower will get the wrinkles out of your clothing. If it bothers you too much, they have a full size dresser in every room as well. The room also comes with an iron and ironing board, but it is pretty basic. It is the same with the blow dryer in the room. The bed is a little hard, and the sheets are a little scratchy. There are two side tables on either side of the bed, with lamps and an alarm clock. Each room has heat and ac, and it works really well! All of the rooms include a desk area, with a mirror behind it, and that is what I turn into my “vanity away from home”. I just dump the phone, coffee maker, etc, onto the floor, and put all of my makeup and hair stuff there…..and voila! Instant vanity! The lighting is not bad, and it has a plug right there. It sure as hell beats standing up in the bathroom! The rooms all have a nice big window, with a view of the strip side, or parking lot side. The higher floor you get up, the better the view, but remember, the longer the elevator rides! The maids are good, but they come waaaayyyyy to early, so we always put out the do not disturb sign, then ask them to do the room when we leave to lunch. We try and keep the room clean, but if you are very messy, it is polite to tip. So, that is some good info about the rooms, but mostly you need to know that you won’t be spending too much time there.

The casino in the hotel is really big, and has just about anything you could want (besides my beloved money wheel). They have over 3,000 slots, video poker and video keno. There is all of the standard table games, plus some I have never heard of. There is also a big sports book betting area and a 35 table poker room. The tables get pretty full during Viva, but you can always find slot machines open. I recommended the Wheel of Fortune one, because everyone always wins at that one! If you gamble at all, and attend every VLV, then I recommend signing up for the Club Coast card. I don’t use it much except for the discount at the buffet, but it is still worth it.

The pool is something I will talk about at a later post, when I talk about the pool party. But in the mean time, here is a cute picture.

The hotel has 15 places to eat, from fine dining to a hot dog cart. That seems like a lot, but if you are there from Tue-Mon and eat at least two meals a day like us, you will end up going to most of the restaurants, and a few multiple times.

Canal Street is a fancy-smancy restaurant downstairs by the elevator entrances. It is a steak and seafood restaurant, with huge comfy booths, low lighting and lots of ambiance. They have a mural of New Orleans down one length of the restaurant and it gradually changes from day to night… is amazing!!! The service is the best in the hotel too. They make your salad table side, constantly fill up your glass with this fancy complementary bottled water, and give you free chocolates after dinner. After dinner they also bring a shrunken hand towel to the table in a big bowl, fill it up with hot water, and present it to you to wash your hands with! Fun! The first time we thought it was a marshmallow! The food is sooooo good, and worth the price in my opinion. We have gone to a lot of fancy restaurants in LA and Vegas, and the filet mignon is bigger and better here then any place I have been before (second only to the French filet at The Madonna Inn), which was unexpected for sure! The mashes boursin mashed potatoes are to die for, so make sure you get some of those. If you get a carafe of wine, two filets, a side to share, soup or salad and desert, it would probably be about $125-$140 after tax and tip. Its fun to do it once if you can afford it…it’s a Vegas vacation after all!

There is also a Prime Rib loft upstairs if you want a steak, but don’t want to make an event out of it. The prices are so similar, that we always choose the other restaurant over this one. If you ever go, let me know how it is!

It wouldn’t be Vegas, without an all-you-can eat buffet, and The Orleans has one! It is actually really big, with Italian, Mexican, American, Seafood, BBQ, Mongolian, Chinese, and tons of dessert. It is open for breakfast (not that I have ever caught it), lunch and dinner. It is no Rio buffet, but it is not horrible, and the price is right, at $7 for lunch if I remember correctly. Also, they have $1 PBRs! Yippy! They have huge tables too, so if you want to go out to eat with a big group, this is your best option. Try and go on the off hours (3-5) to avoid waiting in a long line. Don’t forget your Club Coast Card discount!

The 24 hour café in The Orleans in called the Coutyard Café. Honestly, the food is pretty horrible, but when you are drunk at 5am, who cares? In my experience, you are all gung-ho to keep the party going, but buy the time the food gets there, everyone is passed out on the table. I stick with the graveyard specials, because then at least you don’t have to pay a lot for crappy food and slow service. If you ever see the jalapeño poppers on the specials menu, get them!

Big Al’s Oyster Bar is pretty cool, especially if you like seafood. The prices are fair, and the service is fast, which is very important while at VLV. The gumbo is good and big enough to share. If they ever bring back the seafood nachos, I highly recommend them!

The Mexican Joint in the Orleans is called Coasta Cantina. Who knew? I always called it The Mexican Joint. The food is pretty good, but you will be disappointed if you are from LA. The best part is the free trio of salsas/bean dip you get with the chips. It’s worth a trip, and the price is on the cheaper side.

Koji is the Japanese/Chinese restaurant. They have a sushi bar with all of the rolls you could want, and the best Asian Pear Mojito ever! They also have family size Chinese dishes and lunch specials. Get the crap wontons and the mojito, you wont be disappointed!

There are also a ton of other places to eat that you have actually heard of: T.G.I.Fridays, Fuddruckers, Sabarro, Subway, Baskin-Robins, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and a coffee house called Java Vegas. So, are you hungry yet???

When you check into the hotel, they will give you a coupon booklet, filled with discounts on food, spa services and a free bowling ticket. Bowling! That’s right. Make sure to bring some socks ladies. If you forget (like I often do) they have a vending maching to buy socks in, but they are steep at $5. We sometimes play a game or two Wednesday night, about 4am…’s a good way to start the weekend!

I did mention the spa right? You really might need a foot massage sometime over the weekend, so put a little money aside for that. They also have a salon too! If you forgot anything, they have a convenience store with all of the little odds and ends. Really, the hotel has everything you need, so they make it pretty easy not to leave.


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  1. I haven't been to VLV since it moved from the Gold Coast to Orleans. I can imagine it's much better there though. The Orleans buffet is my fave in Vegas. That alone makes me wish I were going to VLV this year, haha. Have fun!

  2. I absolutely adore the Japanese restaurant at The Orleans. Our little group always makes a point of having a nice meal together there. Highly recommended! Their dynamite roll is the best I've ever had.

  3. The one thing about the room that bugs me is that the toilet is not separated from the vanity. When you room with stinky boys this is a major problem as they spend forever in there and always when I need the sink!

  4. Didn't "the mexican joint" used to be called Don Miguel's? This Coasta Cantina business makes me feel uneasy, like I've been living a lie all along! I think I'm just going to furl my brow and squint at it till I know I can trust it.


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