Viva Las Vegas

VLV Countdown: 63 Days to go!

2:52 PMDollie DeVille

 There is only 63 days until I leave for VLV, so I thought it would be a good time to get my promotional material printed. I ran out of my last printing of buisness cards, so I had some new ones made up, this time for my blog! Not only will they be handy to give to people I just met that I don't want to lose contact with, but they will also serve as advertisements for my little space in blogland. What do you think?



While I was at it, I decided to get a shirt made for myself. I thought it would be cute to wear around town. Sometime in the future I want to get a few really cute ones printed up for a giveaway. Would you gals like that? But for now, VistaPrint had a sale on one tee, so I got this one made for only $8!

I am almost ready for VLV! If you see me, make sure to flag me down and get one of my new cards!


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  1. I cant wait for it either! ill see you there :)

  2. I can't wait for VLV this year. I've skipped the last 2 years for various reasons. Sidebar: I believe you might know my boyfriend.

  3. I love the business cards! Super cute idea

  4. I can honestly say that's one of the nicest looking card designs I've seen in a long time.

  5. Love your blog!!! Just found you while searching for pinup style blogs! I'm now your newest follower!!!

    Someday we'll make it to VLV, can't wait!



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