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Valentines with Dave and Deke!!!

9:03 PMDollie DeVille

Just when I thought Brunch Americana at The Redwood couldn't get any better, DJ Hillbilly Jeff goes and gets a dream line up like this: Dave and Deke Combo, Chris Sugarballs Sprauge and His 18 Wheelers, and The SideWynders!!!! This was a Valentines show, so I brought some cupcakes and ol'timey valenties and candies.

The first band up was The SideWynders, one of the best young bands in LA, and I am not just saying that because they are my friends. This show they had Captain Jeff (of the Chumbuckets) on lap steel, and Carlitos on washboard. 

The girls showing some leg! It was 75+ this weekend!

Alana and Stephanie dancing

I was on 18 Wheelers mustache duty. Its a hard job, but someone had to do it!

More shenanigans back stage. 

18 Wheelers were up next, and brought back some sweet ass 1970s gabs.

Lookin' good boys! 


With Nicole, the cutest cowgirl this side of the Mississippi

Cute couple with my valentines. Sweet. 

Unkie Jay!

This is about the time in the night when we get crazy. Us rockabilly's know how to party, so if you are a square, you might want to stop reading at this point. 

Dave and Deke Combo is the best show you will ever see in your life. Period. 

Then Alana and I decided that TPing the band would be a good idea. So we nominated her to go get the TP. The girls bathroom was out, so she went into the boys bathroom to get some. God I love her. The band ate it up, and Deke stuck a lot of TP wayyyyyy too deep into his pants. Gotta love it! Then I got on Alana's back and rode her around the bar, swingin' my imaginary lasso. I know there are pics of that out there somewhere. 

Then Dave and Deke decided that they needed a woman to share in the middle of their very big overalls. Who else would do it but me? I am reigning Miss Hillbilly Dumplin' after all! To honor this amazing moment in history, I have attached the video. Enjoy!

This was really the best Brunch Americana yet!


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  1. Ok really? You are too damn cute! Awesome video!

  2. WOW your so lucky !!! Excellent video !!! Love the huge overall and the corn mike. Sound you have fun with your team :)


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