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8:00 PMDollie DeVille

This weekend I went to my local dealers to get my fix-of vintage that is! I got my tax return this week, and decided to go to the local antique mall and 4th St in Long Beach to spend some serious money. First we went to Nick's shop Sneaky Tiki, and dropped a pretty penny there. Nick approves:

There he is ringing up my purchases: a 40s two piece yellow novelty print sun suit and a pink and purple rose print dress.

Here is the dress. It has pretty cut outs around the neck, with rhinestone details. I can't show you the sun suit in detail because it is a VLV outfit, so you just have to wait to see it!

Zack got a short sleeve atomic print shirt, a gabardine shirt, and a reversible ricky jacket.  

Here is a shot of some nice shoes and purses in his shop.

Some cool lamps, tiki mugs and atomic shirt.

Here is some Heywood Wakefield stuff in The Vintage Collective. 

Some cool lamps. 

We went to Big Ed's in Liberty and bought some new CDs: High School Caezar on Buffalo Bop, Carlos and The Banditos, Let's Go Rockabilly compilation, and a Best of Starday records compilation. They are pretty amazing. 

I also got these vintage pink metal corner shelves in Long Beach at this cute little antique shop. I love them! I am obsessed with metal shelves.

Then we went to Remix and got some new shoes!

They have a nice window display.

I love these green wedges, so comfy, and such a fun color!

I have been wanting these brown crock wedges since last VLV, but Remix is so expensive that I had to wait for my tax refund to get them. I am planning on wearing them with my shaheen dress and playsuit this year at viva. 
Then I went to the local antique mall and got some new stuff for the house. 
a girlie hamper

a vintage ice bucket and a 6 shot liquor dispenser for our "future bar"

a vintage shelf for the kitchen

Zachary needed a night stand for his side of the bed, so I broke down and bought him this one. It matches our bed. The bedroom is not too exciting, very traditional, but it will do until we can afford a Heywake bedroom set.

This vintage Sunbeam standing mixer was gifted to us this weekend. I love it, it works great, and I can sure use it for my baking!

Then we went to Sandra and Sugarballs' house, and bought some stuff from Sandra's Etsy shop:

This lucite jewelery box. I needed it to hold my earrings.

Cute mini Polynesian paintings in carved frames

Wooden shelves

a green pillow, Gravy loves it!

Record holders, for our "future records" and "future record cabinet"

a pretty pink and gold lamp. I had this shade laying around, also from Sandra, and they seem to work together just fine!

Siamese kitty lamp with green jewel eyes

Also, we got a new pair of Heywood Wakefield end tables on craigslist!

Aren't they beautiful???

And to round it out I got this carved bangle on ebay, and another carved bakelite one in green (smaller), but that one hasn't gotten here yet.

I think I am just about shopped out now.....maybe.


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  1. Holy shopping, Batman! I have that same jewelry box - it actually came in three different colors (gold, white, and tortoise shell). Did the seller test that bracelet? I'd be skeptical of the white color.

  2. Erin,

    You are just too funny. I just love you! Man, I would love that jewelry box in gold! The seller didn't have much info posted on that bangle, but I only paid $22 for it, so I figured it was worth the risk. I tested it when I got it with the rub test, and I couldn't really get a good snif on it because I have a head cold. So.....long story short, I don't really think it is bakelite, but for $22, it fills a good place in my bangle collection. What do you think? Worth $22 even if it is fake? Should I leave bad feedback because she said it was bakelite when it wasn't?

  3. The gold jewelry box actually wasn't as cool as the white or tortoise. I got rid of my gold one (it was almost a gold-paint type finish) and kept the other two.

    $22 is a good buy for a bangle. I can pretty much tell you from here that it's not bakelite, b/c it's white, which is a color bakelite doesn't come in (due to oxidation). Regardless, it's a fun, versatile bangle! I use Simichrome to test bakelite, which you can find at a hardware store or some antique stores. It's a metal polish and it comes in a tube. Put a dab on a q-tip, then rub on the inside. If the q-tip turns yellow, it's real. Wash off the place where you tested after that. I don't know if I would necessarily leave negative feedback, but you might consider making her aware of it, if you don't come through the listing and find that she wrote "bakelite-like" or something like that.

    BTW, do me a favor and pick us up that HeyWake dresser in your pic - it's a Rio, and that's my line. :)

  4. Oh yeah, what's Sandra's Etsy shop? Do share!

  5. Is it sad that one of the items on my "Bucket List" is to go to the Re-Mix store in person to try on all of their fabulous shoes???? Also I would like the brightly colored chairs from the shop you went to please!

    Fabulous finds all around! I *love* the pink lamp too!

  6. Sandra's etsy shop is called delectable accents. Check it out! I think that dresser was like $800, I know you could find it cheaper on craigslist or ebay. Yeah, the seller said it was bakelite, but didnt say how it was tested, and in that case I always assume it is not real. I think I knew they didn't come in white, but I wanted a white one really bad, so I think I blanked on that. Ha ha

  7. Ms.Lab, it is an event to go to Remix, so I support it being on your bucket list. I have 5 pairs of remix now, and they are my fav shoes ever. Then while you are in town you can go to long beach and get those chairs!

  8. Wow! What a flashback. I was at all those places in Long Beach a coupla weeks ago. Unfortunately, by the time I got there, I could only afford a Go-Getters CD from Big Ed. It was the last day of my trip & my budget was shot cuz I had to stay 2 extra days due to snow back home. I could have spent a fortune at Meow. Nobody back here has men's vintage like that. It looks like you guys had a good shopping trip. Next time out I'm bringing more cash!

  9. Miss Dollie I love shopping st retro row in long beach and sneaky tiki and meow always have some great items. and all your new finds are simply divine!!

  10. Oh mine, so much cool stuff. It must feel like Christmas to be at home now :)

  11. Man that's some shopping spree!

    It's so funny to see Nick in that setting, I've known him forever, but of course only in the UK, and I only see him in the UK too, so it's strange to see him out of context for me but I know of course that IS where he is now!!

    I love that street on Long Beach, haven't been for a few years now and whaaaaaa Remix, haven't been there for years either, you're killing me lady I wanna come back but I'm too broke!

  12. Good lord! I hope you realize how lucky you are to have all those fab places to shop at. You must've gotten a helluva refund, too! Last year when we got our refund I went on a month-long eBay spending spree--this year we're unemployed so we actually have to live off it. Waaah.

  13. Wow, what a gorgeous haul of goodies. Looking forward to your VLV postings.

  14. AWESOME POST! I love seeing all this fun stuff! Looks like you got some great items :)

  15. I love all of your great finds!! Gee i wish i lived in the other side of USA! LOL Sounds like you have cool vintage shops there!!!
    (some day i will travel there!!) :D
    i just adore your jewerly box! i would love to see the 40's 2 piece sun suit!! it sounds divine!!

  16. omg isnt 4th street just the greatest!! i love that its just over the bridge for me so if i get out ealry from work i can head straigth over there before they close...and sneaky tiki omg my fav store i always find they greatest things there and my boy always leaves with a few pendeltons!
    i would also love to go to re-mix

    looks like u had a blast and u spendt ur refund money wisely!!!

    thanks for the post!

  17. Ah, thanks for all the comments! We had a blast. It was sort of our valentines day celebration. I did get a pretty big refund this year, so I was happy to be able to spend it on things I like.

  18. Carlos & the Banditos! <3 <3 <3 Such a great band to see live.

    I love the dress, the end tables.. everything! Your blog is too fun.

  19. Oh how I miss the days of getting a big tax return (long gone since I got married!). I'll have to hit up Long Beach for a bit o shoppin' the next time the hubby and me take our trip down south! Enjoy all of your new finds!


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