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10:28 PMDollie DeVille

 We are placing the finishing touches on our house before we have our housewarming party, so I thought I would give you an update on what we have been doing.

I got this china cabinet on Craigslist for $40, and painted it to match our kitchen. 

I unpacked the last boxes-China! I have so much china, this is not even all of it! 

All done. What do you think?

We also planted our garden in the front yard:

Added a rose bush here

one here too


Our stepping stone path and lots of pretty flowers

bougainvillea, butter cups, and poppies 

tulips, poppies, and lots of bulbs planted under there. 

The spoils from my garden! They smell beautiful!

When I was gardening last weekend, I heard a clipity-clop, clipity-clop, and knew it was horses! I love seeing horses come by my house, so I knew I had to get the camera and take a pic. This is the benefit of living in a "rustic" part of LA County! 


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  1. Oh the last one is so cuuuuute !!! <3
    You made great things with your garden :)

  2. Everything's coming together really cute! That corner cabinet reminds me of my Aunt Ida's pink kitchen. Really cute!!!

  3. That fabric does not get any more perfect for the style, paint and that adorable table, not to mention the dishes are amazing! I love it!

  4. Your home is lovely. I used to have corner hutches just like that in my first house and some had just refinished them before I bought the house and honestly I was always tempted to paint them but never did but if I still lived their I would have after having seen yours.

  5. You gals are all so sweet! Thank you for your nice comments. XOXO

  6. I love your house Dollie it is so pretty! You would absolutely adore the house I grew up in...ranch style built in 1957, my mom and dad paid $17,000.00 in 1958 they were the first owners, I was born 10 years later and i live there until I was 22. The kitchen had all turquoise appliances, the kitchen and dining room were HUGE! The dining room had a built in hutch similar to yours only it had glass front. The house was 3 bedrooms, 2 car garage, with 1 1/2 bathrooms. Huge family room with a huge patio and generous backyard. In the hallway to the bedrooms it had WONDERFUL built in closets and drawers (half the length of the hallway) the bedrooms had hardwood floors. The living room had a built in book case and a white sparkly rock fireplace and hearth. *Just a side note when I was little I would get up on the hearth and pretend it was a stage and sing and dance (The Good Ship Lolly Pop) for my family!Heheheh good times!

  7. Wow Brooksie! That sounds amazing! Do you have any old family pics of the place? You should post them on your blog! :)

  8. I have very few pictures growing up and soon after I came along my parents took the house from all of it post war glory and turned it into the new and improved 70's version (barf - I hate 70s)...oh yes we had the green shag carpet installed in the living room and the family room ended up with a black naugahyde bar (I will add though the bar had several really nice vintage bar signs and mirrors) and hot tub.

  9. i was wondering on your frist two pics i can see the fabric you used for the windows...did u get those made or bought like that? ive been trying to find fabric like that to re-apholster some stuff around my room..thanks in advance

  10. I love the colour in your kitchen! I'm a new reader and will have a look around! Hugs Zizzi from sweden.


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