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Friday Night At Bigs!

8:18 PMDollie DeVille

Karling Abbeygate is now hosting shows at Big's on Friday Nights, not just Wednesdays. So, last Friday she had Blue Collar Combo open up for her band, and had Chris "Sugarballs" Sprauge and His 18 Wheelers headline. Big Sandy was the DJ, and was spinning some amazing tunes. It was a Valentine's Show, which made it all the more fun!

Blue Collar Combo........Tearing it up!

Brandon on slap bass.....he is single ladies! Meow!

The front man-Travis Mullins


Stuckey wins for best hillbilly tie

Me, Pappy, and Sandra

The boys

Zack and I. My hair is getting long. I love it, but he wants me to cut it. Boo!

Sandra, Me and Amber. I love these girls! Band wife elite!


As cute as ever! I love how sweet and sassy she is.

The crowd eating up the show!

Karling, Me and Amber

Robert and I

They thought this light was very amazing. I swear they are not on drugs.

18 Wheelers featuring Deke Dickerson!

They look so good in their Valentine's red!

Pappy rockin' out!

Chris dedicated Johnny Horton's One Woman Man to me and named me the Valentine's Princess. How sweet! I just love these guys! What a great night.


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