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VLV Countdown: Shopping!

10:14 PMDollie DeVille

I know I said I was going to cut down on shopping to save, and I am, but just after I bought these things. he he he. I got great deals, so I couldn't pass it up! The longer you wait to shop, the more prices go up

Red Michael Kohrs suede wedges $25

2 bracelets, earrings, and bakelite broach. The seller didn't know if the bracelet and earring set was bakelite, but either way, I love them for only $10!

Green bakelite earrings. I couldn't save the larger pic, so sorry for the thumb nail. $5

But I HAVE to stay off ebay!


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  1. I've been trolling etsy all night...I put $50 down on a fantastic dress. meh

  2. Really, people on etsy mark up their items close to VLV? That's kinda low :/

  3. I don't know if etsy sellers do, but I know Ebay stuff skyrockets the closer you get to VLV. I remember I was trying to buy this Kamehameha halter dress, and the lady wanted $495 OBO. It wasnt worth that at all, because the elastic was worn and the name brand label was missing. I offered $300 (still a shit load of money!) and she wouldn't take it! She said "its getting closer to Viva, I know I can sell if for full price." I am glad I didn't get it, but its a good example of how they hold on to the best stuff before viva because they know they can get the best price then. I know they just want to make the most money possible because it is their life source, but as a buyer, look out for that!

  4. So are the earrings and bracelet bakelite?

  5. Brook,

    The listing called the bracelet and earring set "apple juice" but said they didn't know if they were bakelite or not. I haven't got them yet to test it, but I sure hope they are! ha ha ha

  6. Love that dress clip! I did a shout-out to you on a recent blog post!

  7. I can't stop browsing eBay and etsy. my mouth waters from all the gorgeous vintage clothes and accessories only a few clicks away from buying. i've nearly used up all of our data for the month. oops...

  8. I noticed every posting on Ebay now instead of or in addtional to "Mad Men" includes "VLV".

    I have been eyeing a pair of Poetic License adorable platforms on Ebay, but $100 - OUCH. Hard when you cannot try the stuff on.

  9. hahaha ebay is addicting especially with the Lucite purses and Bakelite wheeeee but thats a great deal :) love them hun
    xoxo Christie


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