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VLV Countdown: The Music

3:42 PMDollie DeVille

Even though VLV has a ton of stuff going on, the main focus should be the music. So, every year before VLV, I like to familiarize myself with the bands that are playing. This year the list is soooooo long! Most of the bands are ones I have seen before (marked with an asterisk), some that are good friends of mine, and some I have wanted to see forever (like Jerry Lee). Also, some are bands that I have never heard of. If that is the case, then I like to google them prior to VLV. I will see where they come from, how long they have been together, who their members are, and most importantly what they sound like. Not only is this good music education but it helps you narrow down who you want to see. Because, as much as you want to, you just can’t see everyone. This tactic really seems to help with European bands. Then, when the timetable is posted, you can highlight all of the bands you know you don’t want to miss. I have found some of my favorite bands like this, like The Domestic Bumblebees. When I saw them on the flyer I just thought they had a weird name, then I googled them and realized that I had to see them. I did, and now they are one of my favorite bands. I sure hope Tom brings them back! The same thing happened with The Caezars and Annita and The Starbombers. So, here is the band list for this year. I am sure there has to be a band or two on here that you have never heard of. So try to do some research on them before VLV, ask your friends if they know about them, or buy their CD. Then, let me know what you find out!

Jerry Lee Lewis
The Blasters*
They Dynotones*
The Lustre Kings
Joe Bennet at the Sparkle Tones
Sonny Burgess and The Pacers*
The Medallions
Clyde Stacy
Al Hendrix
Young Jesse
Roddy Jackson
Hi-Lo Playboys*
Los Straight Jackets
Nick Curran and The Low Life’s
The Caezars*
The Horton Brothers*
Kim Lenz*
Lil Mo and The Dynaflos*
Big Sandy*
WILD Records artists: Lil Gizzelle*, Modern Don Juans*, Pachuco Jose*, Rhythm Shakers*, Delta Bombers*
Hi Qs*
Gamblers Mark
Roy Kay Combo*
Ezra Lee
Crazy legs
Barrel House Boys*
Still Creek Brothers
Laren Marie
Three Mary Widdows
Psycho Devilles
Los Benders
No Dice
Cash O’Riley
Jinx Jones
Rod & The Tone Masters
Midnight Trio
Karling Abbeygate*
Crown City Bombers*
Slip and The Spinouts
Rudy G y los Hi Tones
Hillbilly Hellcats
Jesse & The Orbits
Vicky Tafoya and The Big Beats
Miguel & The Atomic Three*
The Desperados*
Will & The Hi Rollers*
Jackpot Club
Blue Denim*
3-Way Ricochet
Sin City Surfers
Morray Sochat & The Special 20s
Redline Rockets
Shakedown Combo
Cadillac Casanovas
Twang Shifters
Delco Nightingale
The Twistin’ Tornadoes
Roy Rapid and The Rhythm Rock Trio*
The Aquasonics*


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  1. Miguel and the atomic three !!! hahaahhaha! The bass plater is one of my oldest friends fiance! How funny I remember when they first started and used to practice at Eddies house after church.

  2. May I make a suggestion? Defo see Los Straitjackets. They have a cool surf-rock sound and are one of my faves. Houston loves those fools!

  3. Why does band/music stuff never get comments?? So troubling...anyway, I am most excited to see Roy Kay, The Horton Brothers, Roy Rapid, Hi-Lo Playboys and and many more.

  4. Put Joe Bennet on your must-see like - he's one of Trinnie's faves! I love the Hi-Qs! Matt and Siobhan are an awesome couple. Hillbilly Hellcats would be good to see, pending that the crowd isn't overrun by psychobillies at that point.

  5. I wish I was going to VLV... Hopefully the line up will be just as good when I come over ;)
    I might be trying next year in stead!


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