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VLV Countdown: Time to Start Working Out!

5:25 PMDollie DeVille

Lace up those PF Flyers, tie your hair up in a bandanna, and put on your favorite tunes…..

Because its crunch time to get in shape for Viva Las Vegas!

That’s right folks, we only have 97 days to get our sexy curves into tip top shape for VLV. I know not all girls are concerned about getting in shape for the big event, but I know a lot are, so I thought I would do a post about it! I personally have a ton of new shorts to show off, so I am working on my thighs. To achieve the best looking stems possible, I am using the stair stepper 2-3 times a week, cycling once a week, walking on the treadmill uphill 2-3 times a week, and strength training 2-3 times a week. I also have a new strapless Shaheen that I need to look killer in, so I have to work on my arms too! Oh, and I have a 1940s two piece playsuit, so I have to trim down my waist! I should also get back to running, but I hate running indoors, and it has been too cold and dark to run outside after work. On average I spend an hour and a half at the gym, at least 5 days a week. Its tough finding time to fit it all in……working full time, having a full time social life, and looking good full time! But, it’s worth it.

The hardest part for me is finding workout clothes like I actually like to wear. Most of the workout clothes on the market now are neon colored spandex with racing stripes down the side…..and that’s not the look I normally go for. So, I normally opt for black or gray capri type pants and a music tee. My favorite tees to wear at the moment are my new Elvis tee, my various VLV tees, two Marilyn tees I have, or a snow white tee. I also have some fender and Vince Ray tees. So, I try my best to make my work out gear something I enjoy wearing. In some ways it is nice, because these tees are not something I would wear in every-day life. So, now maybe you will have inspiration to buy the VLV tees you always see for sale-you can wear it to the gym! I also have a very rad Elvis gym bag. I rock the hell out of that gym bag! Of course, you can’t work out without music. I have two ipods, one is a classic, with 27 days worth of nothing but rockabilly, old country, western, honky tonk, doo wop, blues, 50s pop, and 60s rock and roll. The other is a shuffle, with 1,000 of my favorite song, nothing but rockabilly. I find that I use the shuffle more, because it is so little that I can clip it to my bra strap. I liked my other ipod better for cycling though, because then I can pick the music that is best for cycling…! So, now you know how I get in shape for VLV.

However you get in shape for VLV, just get on it, because you only have 97 days!

Dollie D

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  1. I am up 8 pounds since the start of VLV last year, so if I get that off before VLV I will be happy!

  2. This is Great such a Fab inspiration to Bump Up My work out I have started My Viva Work out and Keeping it up faithfully Whewwwwwwwwwww

  3. I am at hitting the gym and cutting out sweets and junk food. Going for a fruit and veg heavy diet and juicing like mad! I am in love with beet, carrot, apple, ginger currently. It is a beautiful colour too!
    I've got 25 pounds to loose...I am hoping for 20 by VLV.
    I go all in the arc trainer and eliptical machine burning about 700 calories in an hour and then hit the weights. The way my biceps are reacting to the weights I will have to sell tickets to my gun show (groan).

    Good luck Dollie, you look fabulous. I can't wait.

  4. wow amazing hun I wouldnt think u need to loose any weight u look wonderful sweetie :) but congrats on the diet sounds great:)
    xoxox C


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