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VLV Count Down: Time Table Posted

12:30 PMDollie DeVille

It is 79 days until Viva La Vegas!

The time table has been posted, so I have attached it here for you. You can save it onto your computer, mark which bands you don't want to miss, print it and bring it with you! I have marked the bands I want to catch (with an *), allowing for meal and primp time, so I will probably see a lot more bands then what I marked. If you want to meet me, you can find me during those times!


APRIL 21st – 24th 2011

TIME                  BAND/dj                              LOCATION


2:00 PM               Sweet Pea Til 6pm*              Bienville
                          -Blue Collar Combo!!!!**

6:00 PM               Richard                                Ballroom

6:00 PM               Del Villreal                            Bienville

7:00 PM               JACKPOT CLUB                   Brendans

8:00 PM               LI'L MO & THE DYNAFLOS* Ballroom
                           Turky                                   Brendans

8:45 PM               Wes                                      Ballroom
                           STILL CREEK BOYS*            Bienville
                           BLUE DENIM                        Brendans

9:00 PM               Heelgrinder                             Bienville
                           Turky                                    Brendans

10:00 PM              PACHUCO JOSE                    Ballroom
                            Lucky La Rocka                     Big Easy

10:45 PM              James                                    Ballroom
                            LAUREN MARIE                    Bienville
                            3 WAY RICOCHET                 Brendans

11:00 PM               Heelgrinder                             Bienville
                             Rudy                                     Brendans

11:30 PM               MODERN DON JUANS          Ballroom
                             SIN CITY SURFERS              Brendans
                             Cosmic Keith                          Big Easy

12:00 AM               HI Q'S*                                  Bienville

12:15 AM               James                                     Ballroom
                             Tanoa 'til 2am                          Bienville
                             Russell                                    Brendans

1:00 AM                 LOS STRAITJACKETS*          Ballroom

1:45 AM                 Skinny Jim                              Ballroom

2:00 AM                 Boppin Bud*                            Big Easy

4:00 AM                 Danny 'til 6am                         Big Easy


10:30 AM               Pin UP Workout                      Big Easy

12:00 PM               Pool Party From Noon To 6pm Pool Area

1:00 PM                 Sophia Wolff's Jiving Class 'til 4pm* Ballroom
                             THE MERRY WIDOWS           Bienville
                             Wes                                        Brendans

2:00 PM                   BUZZARDS*                      Bienville
                               MORRY SOCHAT & THE SPECIAL 20’S Brendans
                               VLV Fashion Show             Showroom

3:00 PM                    AQUASONICS                  Pool Area
                                Sal                                    Bienville
                                Wes                                  Brendans

3:30 PM                     REDLINE ROCKETS         Brendans

4:00 PM                     THE B-STARS*                 Bienville
                                 Richard                             Brendans
                                 VLV Fashion Show Reception Big Easy

5:00 PM                     Wine-O                              Bienville
                                 SHAKEDOWN COMBO*     Brendans
                                 CHARLES PHOENIX SLIDESHOW#1*Showroom

6:00 PM                     PSYCHO DEVILLES            Bienville
                                 Richard                               Brendans

7:30 PM                     Burlesque Show #1                Showroom
                                 LOS TIKI PHANTOMS         Showroom
                                 LOS BENDERS                     Bienville
                                 Russell                                  Brendans

8:00 PM                     Nico                                     Ballroom
                                 GAMBLERS MARK*             Bienville

8:30 PM                     THE HORTON BROTHERS*  Ballroom

8:45 PM                     Alex Tapia                             Bienville

9:15 PM                     Blip Blop                                Ballroom
                                 CADILLAC CASANOVAS*     Brendans

9:30 PM                     CRAZY LEGS                        Bienville

10:15 PM                   Tanoa                                    Bienville

10:00 PM                   Burlesque Show #2                Showroom
                                 LOS TIKI PHANTOMS         Showroom
                                 MEDALLIONS                     Ballroom
                                 Rudy                                    Brendans
                                 Danny                                  Big Easy

10:45 PM                    Wine-O                                Ballroom
                                  JESSIE & THE ORBITS        Bienville
                                  LUSTRE KINGS                   Brendans

11:30 PM                    JOE BENNETT & THE SPARKLETONES* Ballroom
                                 Tanoa                                    Bienville
                                 Rudy                                     Brendans

12:00 AM                   All Nite Juke Joint 'til 4am        Brendans
                                 Boppin Bud                             Big Easy

12:15 AM                   BIG SANDY & LOS STRAIGHT JACKETS* Bienville

12:30 AM                    Satoshi                                   Ballroom
                                  Burlesque Show #3                  Showroom
                                  LOS TIKI PHANTOMS           Showroom

1:00 AM                      Del Villareal                            Bienville

1:45 AM                      SURESHOTS*                        Ballroom

2:00 AM                      EZRA LEE                             Bienville
                                  Topper                                   Big Easy

2:30 AM                      Lucky La Rocka                     Ballroom

2:45 AM                      Skinny Jim                             Bienville

4:00 AM                      Cosmic Keith 'til 5:30am          Big Easy

5:30 AM                      Danny                                   Big Easy


9:00 AM                      Car Show 'til 7pm                  Car Show Area

12:00 PM                     LUSTRE KINGS                    Car Show Area
                                   Pool Party From NoonTo 6pm Pool Area

1:00 PM                       Sophia Wolff's Jiving Class 'til 4pm* Ballroom
                                   NO DICE                               Bienville

2:00 PM                      CASH O'RILEY                       Bienville
                                  TWANG SHIFTERS                Brendans
                                  DYNOTONES                         Car Show Area

3:00 PM                      JINX JONES                           Bienville
                                  DELCO NIGHTINGALE           Brendans
                                  AQUASONICS                         Pool Area

4:00 PM                      BLASTERS*                            Car Show Area
                                  NEON SWING X-PERIENCE    Bienville
                                  THE TWISTIN TORNADOS     Brendans

5:00 PM                       Rudy                                       Bienville
                                   Russell                                    Brendans
                                   LOS TIKI PHANTOMS            Pool Area

6:00 PM                       JERRY LEE LEWIS*               Car Show Area

6:30 PM                        ROD & THE TONEMASTERS Bienville

7:00 PM                        Nico                                       Ballroom
                                    Turky                                     Bienville
                                    Sal                                          Brendans

7:30 PM                        DEKES GUITAR GEEK SHOW Showroom

7:45 PM                        RHYTHM SHAKERS*               Ballroom

8:00 PM                        DON JUAN Y LOS BLANCOS   Brendans
                                    Retro Lovely Magazine Party      Big Easy

8:30 PM                        Nico                                        Ballroom
                                    HILLBILLY HELLCATS            Bienville

9:00 PM                        GIZZELLE*                              Ballroom
                                    Satoshi                                     Brendans

9:15 PM                        Russell                                      Bienville

9:30 PM                        DESPERADOS*                        Brendans

10:00 PM                      STOMPY JONES*                     Bienville
                                    Sal                                            Ballroom
                                    Blip Blop                                    Big Easy

10:15 PM                      Satoshi                                      Brendans

10:30 PM                      BURLESQUE CONTEST            Showroom

10:45 PM                     WILL & THE HI ROLLERS*        Brendans
                                   Dell Villareal                                Bienville

11:00 PM                     SONNY BURGESS & THE PACERS* Ballroom

11:30 PM                     Satoshi                                        Brendans

11:45 PM                     ROY KAY COMBO*                     Bienville
                                   Topper                                        Ballroom

12:00 AM                     All Nite Juke Joint 'til 4am             Brendans
                                   Cosmic Keith                               Big Easy

12:30 AM                     NICK CURRAN & THE LOWLIFES* Ballroom
                                   James                                          Bienville

1:00 AM                        BURLESQUE BINGO                  Showroom

1:15 AM                        Topper                                       Ballroom

2:00 AM                        THE CAEZARS*                         Ballroom
                                    Alex Tapia                                   Bienville
                                    Boppin Bud                                 Big Easy

2:45 AM                        Topper 'til 4am                            Ballroom

4:00 AM                        Skinny Jim 'til 7am                       Bienville
                                    Danny 'til 6am                              Big Easy


10:30 AM                      Pin UP Workout                           The Big Easy

12:00 PM                      Pool Party from Noon to 6pm*       Pool Area

1:00 PM                        MIDNIGHT TRIO                        Bienville

2:00 PM                        KARLING ABBEYGATE*             Bienville

3:00 PM                        AQUASONICS                             Pool Area
                                    SLIP & THE SPINOUTS               Bienville

4:00 PM                        CROWN CITY BOMBERS*           Bienville
                                    Swimsuit Contest                          Pool Area

5:00 PM                         CHARLES PHOENIX SLIDESHOW #2 Showroom
                                     Alex Tapia                                    Bienville
                                     Russell                                         Brendans
                                     LOS TIKI PHANTOMS                 Pool Area

6:00 PM                         Richard                                        Ballroom
                                     ROY RAPID*                               Brendans

6:30 PM                         JIVING CONTEST*                      Ballroom
                                     DELTA BOMBERS                        Bienville

7:00 PM                         Alex Tapia                                     Bienville
                                     Axle                                              Brendans

7:15 PM                         Lucky La Rocka                             Ballroom

8:00 PM                         CHADD THOMAS & CRAZY KINGS Ballroom
                                     VICKY TAFOYA AND THE BIG BEAT* Brendans
                                     Wine-O                                         Bienville
                                     SATIN DOLLZ                             Showroom

8:45 PM                         RUDY G & LOS HI TONES           Bienville
                                     Lucky La Rocka                            Ballroom
                                     Axle                                             Brendans

9:30 PM                         KIM LENZ*                                  Ballroom
                                     Wine-O                                         Bienville

10:00 PM                       MIGUEL & THE ATOMIC THREE* Brendans

10:15 PM                       BARREL HOUSE BOYS*                 Bienville
                                     Blip Blop                                        Ballroom

11:00 PM                       ROCKABILLY STARS*                  Ballroom
                                     Dell Villareal                                   Bienville
                                     Heelgrinder                                    Brendans

12:00 PM                        Blip Blop                                       Ballroom

12:30 PM                        HI LO PLAYBOYS*                       Ballroom
1:00 AM                          Lucky La Rocka                            Bienville

1:15 AM                          James 'til 2am                               Ballroom

3:00 AM                          Boppin Bud                                   Bienville

5:00 AM                          Danny 'til 7am                               Bienville


So, there it is! What do you think? So far, I like that there seems to be an opening for people to eat and change, around 6pm-8pm when not too much exciting stuff is happening. I love that Hi Lo Playboys are the last band on, because that will be a killer way to end the weekend. I am sad to see that Karling Abbeygate is playing while the pool party is going on, because I wanted to make it to her set to support her. There is a lot of overlap, but I bop around to different rooms all the time to try and catch as much as possible. We will just have to see how it goes!


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  1. Hey Dollie! I love your blog :) I made another version of the schedule I thought you might like to have. Pictures of it are at

    but if you want the real file I could email it to you.

  2. Your information was really a help. I was looking for this only. Keep it up buddy. Thanks for sharing it with us and keep posting all the good stuffs.

  3. Thanks for posting the line up. I almost forgot about it, till I saw it here!


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