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Viva Las Vegas Coke Promo

7:11 PMDollie DeVille

I thought this was fitting, because I am currently doing a VLV countdown series, and I also just did a Coke shoot. Every year when I am counting down to VLV, I watch this video about a thousand times. I just adore every moment of it. I feel that it completely embraces VLV and the rockabilly lifestyle in general. So, in case any of you have not seen this video, here it is. Enjoy!

Isn't it just the most? I knew I had to share this with you asap! I love the sounds too! *Swoon*

Zack says that it is a real commercial made by Coke that aired in the UK. But, I don't know that for sure, so don't quote me.

Dollie D

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  1. I love this commercial!! and it just gets me in the mood for a little bit of VIVA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope to see you soon!

  2. favorite! I know those people in the room where the guy is jumping on the bed. I also love seeing Wildfire Willy (I think?) getting crazy on stage.

  3. Yes this is Wildfire Willy. I remember when this commercial comes out. Very nice.


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