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Snow Day!

11:04 PMDollie DeVille

Thats right! This past Sunday we had a snow day! 
But Dollie, I know you are blonde, but you live in Southern California where is doesn't snow!
Why yes, my readers are very smart. I do live in Southern California, where it never snows.....
But we had a post-Christmas miracle! Snow!
I know, I didn't believe it either. I was at my sisters house in San Diego, where it was a little warmer:

I was playing with Owlie, the handicapable owl. 

And Charlotte, the tarantula! 

And playing music chairs with my family! 
We get pretty competitive, a few people ended up on the ground instead of in a chair.

 About 2pm we got a message from back home saying it was snowing, and we didn't believe it at first. It has not snowed in our area for over 20 years! But, we are in the northern edge of LA County, at a slightly higher elevation in the hills, and it has been super cold and raining like crazy, so it is always a possibility if conditions are just right. Well, we came home to find out that it did indeed snow! 3 inches!

Unfortunately, I didn't make it back in time to save my pet squirrel, Squirrelie. 

No birds died in the making of this frozen bird house.

No fake snow required! 

My hand! I needed gloves. Burrrr!

I never thought I would see my house covered in snow!

Snow Angel!


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  1. Was that a real squirrel or a toy?


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