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I have a special treat for my readers today, something new, and not music related! But of course, rockabilly related!

Last night I got a friends request on Facebook from Christene Pacheco Barkhordar. She was the sweetest person ever, so I had to look at her profile. On her page she had a link to RockabillyDolls.Com. That peaked my interests as something I might like. I figured that it would be a pinup site, but I was so pleasantly surprised to see that the the website was in deed for rockabilly dolls...the kind you play with! I love barbie dolls, and I know a lot of my readers do too, but I have never seen anything like this! They are dolls custom made to look rockabilly, or like vampires or zombies! Christene makes all of her dolls by hand, with homemade vintage-reproduction clothing and jewelry, and some with custom painted tattoos! This is really an art form! I was so in love with these dolls that I contacted her and asked if I could feature her on my blog. Her story really is amazing. Well, let me just have her tell you about it:

"Hello, My Name is Christene~RockabillyDoll of "Rockabilly" I have loved vintage styles and the Rockabilly culture since I was young growing up watching classic movies and listening to the music of the early 50's and other classics from artists like Hank Williams and Patsy Cline, as a kid I always loved to dress up my dolls and change their looks, I have always loved Dolls, Fashion, Hair, and Makeup, and The Art of Tattooing, & Painting, and I was a hair stylist for some time as well, all of these influences play a great deal on my art, I decided why not make dolls in the image of what I like, my influences and the rockabilly culture. I started around 2009 and one of my favorite time of the year is Halloween, I started making spooky type dolls for Halloween most were for my house then I had a few inquiries to sell them so I sold a few on ebay. I tried new and different art styles and I came up with a Tattooed Pin~Up Style doll, and with my website name "RockabillyDoll" it fit perfectly. So I began to start on my "Rockabilly Dolls" , they are One of a Kind Hand Painted, by me I'm a "One Woman Show", by this I mean I do all the work myself these "Dolls " are custom to order , I create them in the Image of the person who is ordering them, If I have a customer who is "Heavily Tattooed" I reproduce their art work on the doll, all art work is hand painted by myself using high quality paints and sealers to keep her nice and protected. The outfits I create are mainly vintage material and embellishments I have collected and purchased for these dolls, the jewelry and shoes are hand molded and painted as well, there is a lot of love and care and a little twist of my personality that goes into creating these types of dolls, I have created dolls for Models such as Bernie Dexter and Cherry Doll Face, I have also made dolls to represent clothing companies, such as Miss Mode Merr for the Clothing Company Mode Merr , Miss Ruth~for Miss Ruth's Time Bomb, Miss Bombshell Betty and Miss Whirling Turban, I have also created dolls for close friends and my sister, my most recent work was a Donation to the Miss Kitty Von Pur Cancer Fund a doll I created in Kitty's Image and to represent the battle that women face with Breast Cancer, 100% of the sale of the doll will go to Kitty's fund. I am also a full time mother/homemaker and have quite the schedule, but I manage to have the time to create these beautiful dolls which are on a custom order basis and priced according to the amount of art work that is put into the doll: My Prices start at $125.00 and can go up to aprox $185.00 depending on the work involved each doll contains a stand with her name that is hand painted as well. Most people email me with questions and orders and we go from there, I enjoy creating these lovely dolls for the lovely ladies who enjoy them.

Thank you

Here are some picture of her lovely dolls:

This one is my absolute fav! It is the Whirling Turban Doll!
I think her hair and makeup are perfect for a vintage look!

Miss Ruthie Doll

Miss Angela Doll
Look at those tattoos!

Miss Jenn Doll

Erica Lili Doll

Carie Doll

Bombshell Betty Doll

The Bernie Dexter Doll!
Sooooo cute!
Cherry Dollface Doll
It looks just like her!

April Rose Doll

The Kitty-Von-Purr Cancer Fund Doll!
This doll is for sale on Bernie Dexter's site,
and all proceeds go to the Kitty-Von-Purr
Breast Cancer Fund

I really, really, really need to get my own Dollie DeVille Doll to display in my dressing room, that would be amazing! Check out more of her dolls and order your own custom doll on her website:

To purchase the one and only Kitty-Von-Purr Doll go to:

Dollie D

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  1. This is so cool! I have recently gotten back into doll making as one of the many crafts I tinker with (soft dolls) and I think perhaps I will have to add a rockabilly doll to my list of dolls-to-make! Thanks for sharing.

  2. O'h that is so cute!!! She is very talented. AND...for sure you need a Dollie DeVille Doll for sure!

  3. Thank you Dollie for featuring me Yer a Doll :) and Lil Miss Dollie De Ville is coming out Adorable :) Cant wait for u to see her:)

  4. We're absolutely thankful I found this blog website! You are incredibly good!!
    I hope other folks will feel similar to you! Stick to the excellent posts I'm taking a look at you now ; )

  5. I am extremely relieved I discovered this blog! You're so correct!!
    I wish for some others may well think similar to us! Continue the excellent blogposts I'm following you now hahah


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