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12:48 PMDollie DeVille

The clock has struck 12, we cheered, toasted and kissed....then I woke up with a must be the new year! So far, 2011 has not been good to me. Did I mention I am hungover? Well, now its time for a detox. So that is where the New Years Resolutions come in.

Resolution #1: Detox.

In the past year I have really changed my eating habits, which has made me healthier, thinner, and happier. But, during the holidays, I let loose, and ate and drank way too much. All of that rich food I am not used to has left me feeling pretty horrible. So much so, that I am attempting to go vegetarian. I don't know if it will be a short term thing, long term, or on and off thing. I figure I will just try it out and see how I feel. I already eat non-meat alternatives to lots of food, like vegi burgers, vegi chicken nuggets, vegi corndogs, vegi meatballs, etc. I just worry about getting enough protein to support my body, especially because I strength train, and need to rebuild my muscles after a workout. So, after a little research I found a few non-meat protein alternatives to try. But, if after a week my body is telling me that it wants some chicken, then I am going to eat chicken. If that happens often, then maybe I will work meat into one meal a week. I am not being super strict, as I am not doing this because I have an aversion to meat or anything. Mostly I just want to focus on whole, natural, minimally processed foods, that are low in fat.

I also want to really limit my alcohol intake between now and Viva. Last year, I didn't drink at all between New Years and Viva, and that was really really hard, as we go to bars every weekend. So, this year, I just decided to limit it. I don't drink at home really, so only when I go out. So, my goal is to limit the drink I have at the bar. This should save me some money too!

Lastly, for my detox, I really need to limit my sugar intake. I ate soooo much See's candy, pie, donuts and pastries this month! That stuff is not normally around, so that shouldn't be too much of an issue. Mostly I need to stop taking chocolate from the candy dish at work. I don't really keep candy, soda, or many snacks in the house, so its mostly only an issue at work.

Resolution #2: Lose 5-10lbs, and tone up

Lose the last 5-10 lbs before Viva. This is the first year that I don't really need to resolve to lose weight, and that makes me happy. I am very happy with my body at the moment, more than I have ever been. Mostly, I just want to lose 5-10 lbs to look good in all of my new shorts this summer. :) Toning is really my goal, especially my arms and legs. I bet some people would say that I could still lose like 20 lbs, but thats not me. I love my curves, and so does my boyfriend. I don't want to be a stick. I just want to be healthy, and I am currently a healthy weight for my height.

Resolution #3: Fine Tune

I am not getting any younger, so I need to start taking care of myself now. I have made huge steps toward improving my health in the last few years, so now I can work on fine tuning myself. Mostly, I want to start taking care of my skin. I need to be more diligent about washing my face, exfolliating, etc. I also might need to see a dermatologist to figure out how to get rid of the hyperpigmentation on my face caused from my stint on Seasonique. I have not done it yet, because I know they will just give me a bleaching cream, and that kind of scares me. But, because I have hyperpigmentation, I need to be even more diligent about wearing SPF everyday. I also wanted to freshen my make-up routine, so I spent like $200 at Sephora and got a lot of new fun stuff.

So, there you have it! This may be a boring read, but I figured I am more likely to do these things if I write them down.

Happy New Year!

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  1. You know you can't say you spent $200 at Sephora without giving details! :)

  2. We have the same resolution to low weight before Viva. I have a feeling that's a lot of peoples resolutions this year!


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