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Recent Purchases and Crafts Completed

3:21 PMDollie DeVille

I thought I would update you on a few recent purchased and craft projects. 

I finished one out of two barkcloth pillows. 

I got my 3rd lady head vase, a red head! $12

Pink kitchen canisters $24

Grease jar $8

Another piece of gold glitter set, a big leaf serving bowl $24

Gold celluloid vanity tray, now on the toilet, $12

Remember when I said that I was working on a painting? 
Well, I finished it weeks ago, and never posted about it because I was not sure if I liked it or not. 
Well, here it is! It is an atomic dead fish, duck/chicken and crab. Perfect for the kitchen! :)

Garden Treasures Children's Green Retro Chair
I also got new patio furniture! This metal set, with a green chair,
Garden Treasures Retro Yellow Double Glider
a yellow glider, 
Garden Treasures Garden Treasure Living Circle Metal Patio Table
and little cocktail table. 

And to go with it, a new BBQ/Smoker! 

I can't wait for summer now!


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  1. I love all your new wares!! The pillow looks fantastic! That fabric is fab! The painting came out amazing! Wonderful work! It is totally perfect for the kitchen!

  2. Rhoooo your painting is so cute :) i like it.

  3. I love the painting, I think it turned out fantastic! Also, I am quite jealous of your new glider chair I've been wanting one of those for ages I just don't have the room outside for it! Maybe one day....

  4. I have that exact glider and side table on my porch. Love it!

  5. I love your painting, especially the crab! Very cute and perfect for a kitchen...good job!
    Your pillow gave me an inspiration...I have some barkcloth I've been holding onto for soooo long that may just have to become pillows now :)

  6. Great finds! I have that same Grease jar. I have the whole set actually. Love the red head. I went to a little town about an hour away from Denver and there were Lady Head Vases everywhere!! Some really beautiful ones I would love to have.

  7. oooh great finds, I like the red head but then I guess I would!

    Love your painting too, fabulous!

  8. So, I guess I'm the only one who likes the BBQ? ...fine

  9. Great finds and DIY projects! I, too, have that patio set and love it! And the beau certainly wouldn't mind that BBQ! ;)

  10. Love the pillow, your painting and red head lady! Too cute!

  11. Love the glider-I have the same green chair. We found an amazing glider in my parent's barn & refurbished it several years back.


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