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New Years Eve with Dave and Deke!

9:53 PMDollie DeVille

We celebrated New Years Eve at Weber's with Dave and Deke, Deke Dickerson and The Ecophonics, and Blue Collar Combo. My boys, Blue Collar Combo, opened up the evening. They were amazing as always. They got people out on the dance floor and started the night right. 

Next up was none other than Deke Dickerson and The Ecophonics!!! I assume you have seen Deke before, so you already know that he is the shit. Period. 

12:00 hit during Deke's set, and he was careful to watch the time to make sure we didn't miss it. To ring in the new year, Deke invited all of the bands onto the stage to play Auld Lang Syne. It was a genesis move! 

5,4,3, 2, 1.......Happy New Year!!!

After lots of hooting and hollaring, toasting (of complementary champagne) and kissing, we get back to the show with the Dave and Deke Combo!!! 

Of course, we knew they would wear a silly outfit, but we wouldn't have it any other way! The Dave and Deke Combo is really one of my favorite bands. They are not only hilarious and seriously entertaining, but two of the most humble and nice guys ever! They don't play often enough, so I always try and make it out to see them. They never disappoint! Just look at this packed dance floor:

Over all, it was a fan-freakin-tastic New Years! Thanks to the bands for choosing to spend their New Years with us, and Karen for making it happen!


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  1. Lucky you ! i love all what do DD. So brilliant !

  2. I adore you dress! Happy New Year!!

  3. I saw Deke last year, he came to wet and windy Wales!! Everyone was dancing, I only wished I could dance all fancy too. I just sat and tapped my feet...

    Looks like you had a fabulous night, great pictures!

    Miss P xx

  4. Honey, the hair and the dress and the makeup are just incredible. You look bee-YOOOO-tee-ful! What a fun New Year's Eve! I was in Tylertown, Mississippi watching Kathy Griffin make Anderson Cooper pee his pants giggling. So now WHO had the better New Year's Eve, hmmmmmmmmm?!

  5. You guys are too funny, you make me laugh!

    Thanks for saying the dress was pretty! It actually was a gift from my coworker. Very nice and thoughtful of her! But, it needed to be shorted, and it had these long sleeves and collar that needed to I revamped it a little! I also added a bow. :)


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