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9:56 PMDollie DeVille

Any VLV horror stories?

I am looking for people with horror stories for an upcoming blog post. I want something really good and juicy....something rock and roll! Did you accidentally catch your room on fire? Did you crash your classic car on the drive up? Did you burn the hell out of your neck while trying to curl your hair when you were drunk? I have done 2 out of these 3 things. Now tell me your story! Email it to, and I will put it on my blog! Can't wait to see what we come up with!


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  1. No horror stories, just a heap-load of drama, typically! I do have an old friend that used to get walked in while having sex every time he scored in Vegas. He never learned to put that sock out front! One of the drunkest nights of my life was at Vegas, and that SURELY wasn't pretty, especially when I had to sit in a chair and prop my elbows up on the sink in order to put on my mascara the next day.

  2. I have two from the first year I went to VLV in 2000 and they are way too horrific to mention. HAHA Sorry... xo

  3. One year my metal and lucite purse got stolen. Another year I got boo'd in the jive contest by an embittered ex and his lame friends. Another year I drove 16 hours in my 63 Fairlane only to have the transmission take a dump on the drive home. Its still in a tow yard in Arizona somewhere. Oh and the most horrific of things didnt happen to me. It happened to my friend E. The airline lost his luggage with all his best clothes in it. Can you imagine!!?? Luckily, they recoverred it the next day, but still!

  4. I will email you some stories...some people will remain anonymous in them!

  5. heheh I don thave any horror stories i do have a good luck story I won $1000.00 on a wheel of fortune spin once at viva whe it was at the Gold Coast and another viva I won $500.00 on a Wheel Spin So Hope I have some Orleans Luck this year and Spin a Win Yeaaaaaaaa Viva :)
    Cheers Christie


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