Ding Ding Ding!!!!

4:52 PMDollie DeVille

Did you hear it? I just reached 200 followers! Yay! I love each and every one of you too! Keeping up a blog is a lot of hard work, especially trying to keep it fun, fair, and interesting. But, it is all worth it in the end when I get to read all of your lovely comments and feedback.

I wanted to organize a giveaway for this occasion, but I have been sooooo swamped remodeling the house at the moment, so I apologize. But, I will keep trying my best to make it happen. What I can give my 200 followers is a lot of good posts in the upcoming months. I have a whole list of ideas for The VLV Countdown series, and it is going to be a swingin' good time. I also have a lof of fun shows I am going to also. So, stay tuned!

Thanks again to all of my followers!


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  1. That's okay hun; we follow your blog because we love ya! Don't worry about a giveaway. Sharing pics of your adventures and adorable home are prize enough. I'm looking forward to seeing the outcome, thanks for sharing. I am an official follower I'm just too lazy to sign in.

    ;) Sandy

  2. A big congrats to you for 200! That is awesome! Kudos to you and your fabulous blog!


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