Contest Canceled!!!

6:03 PMDollie DeVille

Remember that pinup contest I entered? Well, some dishonest girls found out a way to trick the system, allowing them multiple votes. So, two girls had over 1,000 votes when the next highest was just over 100. So, the designer was forced to cancel the contest, and redo it on another website. But, now it is open to late comers that didn't make the first cut off. I am so bummed because I spent a lot of time and effort collecting votes the honest way, and now none of them count. I was doing pretty well too! Now I have to re-enter the contest, and ask people to vote all over again. I feel so bad that someone would do that to the designer, causing all of us to waste precious time. How disrespectful. I think they are allowed to re-enter the contest also, so that is discouraging to me. Anyway, I apologize to all of the readers who previously voted for me, because I am going to have to ask you to do it again in a few days when the contest restarts.

Sincerest apologies,


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  1. That is a downright shame that a few took it upon themselves to be sneaky all in the name of greed! A contest should be solely awarded upon talent, not trickery! It is also a shame that the designer had to cancel the contest and that all the honest participants' hard work is down the drain.

    Nevertheless, please do not apologize! I will gladly vote for you again!

  2. Don't worry! it won't be a problem to vote you once, twice or more times again if people out there is cheating!! Just ask and you'll have my vote! :)


  3. Awwh, that is terrble to hear. But I dont think you need to worry, we will all vote for you again!
    All the best of luck!!


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