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100 Days Until Viva Las Vegas 14!!!

1:58 PMDollie DeVille

The count down for Viva Las Vegas has officially begun! I have resisted posting about VLV because I wanted to start my series of posts on the 100 day mark. Now, this count is 100 days from the day I leave town to go to Vegas, that might not be the same count for you.

This is going to be my 6th Viva Las Vegas, but it might be your first.

So what is Viva Las Vegas you ask?

Well, in one sentence, Viva Las Vegas is the worlds largest Rockabilly Weekender. It is 4 days and nights of 24 hour rockabilly immersion. By day there is a car show, a tiki pool party, live music, dance lessons, jive contest, 120+ vendors, a vintage-reproduction fashion show, and lots of pretty girls in little summer outfits. By night the well-dressed crowd comes out for the ballrooms full of live rockabilly bands, jiving, bopping, strolling, drinking, and burlesque shows into the early morning hours. Are you the type of person that thinks you can never get enough music in your life? Well you are in luck, because at VLV you get some of the worlds best DJs spinning the best rockabilly has to offer 24 hours a day, every day, with a dance floor below you and a bar within arms reach. There are also restaurants, bars, and the casino open 24 hours, so you never have to sleep! Wait, casinos? Yes! As the name implies, the event takes place in none other then Sin City: Las Vegas, Nevada! Once a year, in April, subscribers to the rockabilly lifestyle from all over the world make the voyage to Sin City. Some come in a hotrod caravan with their car clubs. Some come on a 20 hour flight from overseas. Some come in their modern vehicles. However people choose to get there, and no matter how far they are coming from, we all go for the same reason: to be with likeminded people enjoying music, dancing, drinking, cars, vintage fashion, and the warm weather!

The event is self-contained in The Orleans Hotel and Casino, making it the place to be for the weekender. If you are a die hard, you want to stay in the hotel. This will allow you to minimize travel time back and forth, allowing you to catch more bands. Having a room in the hotel also minimizes the distance you have to stumble each night to make it into bed. As I mentioned, the hotel is the hub, so it is also where everyone meets up, congregates, eats, and has room parties of course! So, if you want to be in the center of the action, you need to stay at the hotel. If you don’t have a room at The Orleans by now, you are already SOL. Even though the Orleans is bigger then the previous location, The Gold Coast, rooms still sell out for the weekend almost immediately. We normally book ours as soon as the dates are released. But, even if you don’t have a room yet, all is not lost. You can still stay at The Gold Coast, a sister property to The Orleans, and take advantage of the free shuttles back and forth between the two hotels. Or, there are tons and tons of other hotels in Vegas that you can stay at. Just plan for the added cost of taxis, and please do not attempt to drive back and forth.
Once you have a room, you need to get a wristband for the event, also called a ticket. They can be purchased on the VLV website, The Orleans box office, and other online vendors for $95 if purchased before 4/8/11. The wristband is absolutely necessary for you to enjoy all that VLV has to offer. You need one to see all of the bands, the car show, the pool party, the burlesque show, the vendors, the dance lessons, fashion show, etc. If you do not have one, you are just another hotel patron. For all of the entertainment you get during the four days, $95 is a very fair price. You also need to purchase a wristband well in advance, as they sell out every year.

So, there you have the absolute basics, what it is, how to get there, and where to stay. I will be doing more posts on what to pack, fashion and hair tips, what to do when you get there. My goal is to make sure we all have the most enjoyable time possible!

If you have never been to VLV, visit the website for the rundown:

Dollie D

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  1. this will be my first year attending, i'm so excited!

  2. Well, if you do the math, this is my 6th VLV, and I am only 23.....

  3. I think your first (or second) year was my last year at VLV. I miss Green Bay - that trumped it for sure, in terms of music and purity.

  4. Ah Erin, I know, I wish I could have made it to those earlier VLVs and Green Bay. I hear Green Bay was the best. Rumors are always flying that they are going to bring it back. The only thing I heard of was the Elvis thing, which was a flop apparently. I wish I was born like 15 years earlier.....or 60, while we are at it. :) ha ha ha. But, its all I have, so I love it anyway! XOXO

  5. Its Gonna Be Rockin Cant wait Im counting the days WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
    My Fav Time of Spring !!!!!


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