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WILD X-Mas Show

11:25 AMDollie DeVille

Last Friday we went to Weber’s for the WILD Records X-Mas Show. It was exactly as it sounds….WILD!!!! We mostly went to see Chuy and The Bobcats, because Zack’s band used to open up for them at the BB King club back in the day. Sadly, the band has been broken up for over 5 years now. Chuy was great back then, so we had high hopes for this show. As WILD often does, there was a mish-mosh of a lot of WILD Records artists, each doing a few songs each. The night opened up with The Desperado's, a group of young guys who are talented and nice to boot. There was also some members from The Delta Bombers from Las Vegas, Don Juan E Los Blancos, Omar and the Stringpoppers, Luis and The Wildfires (original lineup), and The Rhythm Shakers. Some of the acts were not really my style, but then again, I was really only there to see Chuy. Thankfully, Chuy still has it, and really delivered a great show. He is still one sexy badass!

The Desperado's

Delta Bombers

Luis and the Wildfires

The Rhythm Shakers


Don Juan E Los Blancos


This show was all ages, and more packed then I have ever seen Weber’s. You basically couldn’t move, so you had to pick a spot and stand there. You also couldn’t even make it to the bar to get a drink. But, people obviously managed, and came back with pitchers! This was the first show I can remember seeing such a spectacle, but there it is: guys ordering an entire pitcher for themselves and drinking it strait out of the pitcher. Classy! By the end of the night there was beer bottles and cups scattered all over the stage, a broken mirror in the men’s bathroom, and two police officers casing the joint. To his credit, Reb really did try to keep everyone under control, telling people to stop trying to start fights, and not to pull out a joint in the middle of a bar. Overall, this show was a little too WILD for my blood, so you probably wont catch me at any until The Caezars play Viva Las Vegas next April.

Crowded!! Do you notice that no one looks happy?

Dollie D

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  1. Great show great time we have been to three more Wild Shoes since! We really appreciate the all ages at Webers so our Hep Kat son can come too! But it will only the two of us at Via Las Vegas this year!!!!


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