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“Norms” generally don’t understand my lifestyle, and this time of year is no different. When the norms in my life asks me what I want for Christmas, I have no idea what to tell them. I can’t tell them to get me something vintage off of ebay or etsy, or something from an online vintage reproduction website because they are all deathly afraid of online shopping. They also don’t have a clue where any local antique stores are. Even in the rare case that they find themselves in such a place, they have no idea what to get me that I would actually like. In reality I would probably be fond of anything they picked out, because I can always find some sort of historical or practical value in a vintage object. But the way they see it, all this stuff is just old, dusty, useless trash- Old stuff they through out in the 70s and 80s. So, because they view these things this way, they couldn’t fathom giving someone these things as a gift. They say things like…”You really want this stinky old used clothing/shoes/purse?” “I can’t give a used gift, without a tag!” “What if it doesn’t fit or you don’t like it? It can’t be returned!” “You mean you bought your boyfriend used clothes as a gift?”. For reasons of this blog, I tried up and down to find a picture of a pile of old dusty antique junk, to illustrate the way norms see antique stores, and ya know what? I couldn’t find a single picture online that I thought represented this view. Every picture I found shows so many beautiful pieces, pieces with history, a clear purpose, and lots of life left. Even the rusted out old cookware was still cool in that old farm way! So, this just illustrates my point, that it’s a point of view, a way of looking at things, as much as it is a way of life.

So, back to the Christmas shopping, bless their hearts, they scour store after store to find retro things that they think we would like. These are a few examples of past gifts that we have actually gotten:

Marilyn Monroe purse shaped like high heel, $37

Elvis Presley phone, $80

I love Lucy Spice Rack, $35

They are cute, yes, but kind of bubblegum-ish for me. I do like Marilyn, Elvis, and I Love Lucy, but I have kind of out grown them. My main thing is that these items are so ridiculously over priced just because of the name branding. Like the spice rack, it is cute, but I already have a vintage spice rack (The I found in my grandpas garage), and this one cost $35! You can buy a lot of pyrex for that, which I ultimately would have preferred. So, I know the holiday season is all about the warm and fuzzy feeling, and it’s the thought that counts with the gifts, but I feel so bad when people spend so much money on this junk. See, now this is what I consider junk. So, this is just me trying to tell everyone that it’s okay to buy me something that is used, old, and dusty. I like it! I like the vintage smell of things. I even like things that are not in perfection condition, and without a tag. Yes, it’s okay that it can’t be returned. Yes it’s okay that you got it for a steal. Or, if all else fails, I love gift cards and checks. Zacks Mom’s famous quote is: “You cant unwrap a gift card.”. Actually, you can. Just wrap it up! Overall, I think people are starting to get it more and more, and I really appreciate it. Last year my dad gave me a box of old hats that he found in an abandoned warehouse my uncle had bought. That’s the best thing he ever got me! They are beautiful 1940s hats in the original box! Amazing! I wear them all the time, and have them on display in my dressing room. This year, my mom sent me a $20 check and a big set of vintage pink Christmas bathroom hand towels. It might not seem like a lot to some people, but I was soooooo happy! I cashed the check right away, ran to the antique mall, and bought that vintage gold and teal atomic casserole dish I had been eyeing forever. I promptly brought it home at put it under the tree with the hand towels. It might have been my favorite gift from her ever! She was happy that I actually liked it and was happy with the small things. This year my sister said she got my gifts from an antique store in San Diego, and I am so thrilled to see what it could be! My coworker got me a vintage robe that is so glamorous and luxurious. She still said that it was a stinky old robe that needed to be washed, but hopefully she understands how perfect I think it is. All of these things help me feel the warm and fuzzy feeling of the season, because I realized that the norms in my life are actually starting to realize who I am and what I like, and stop throwing away hard earned money on junk!

So people, don’t throw away your money on junk this year. Give the vintage-loving person in your life some old “junk” that you found in the attic a whole back, I guarantee they will love it. Save that money for a rainy day, or give it to a charity!


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  1. OMG! That shoe/purse thingy is too funny! I'm with you- I'd rather have something old & dirty than "new retro" anyday. Hopefully my family figures that out, but I can definitely see them buying something like that spice rack!

  2. Isn't that a hoot? I had the hardest time keeping a straight face while opening that one. The person really had the best of intentions too, but a purse.....mixed with a shoe? WTF? It was a good laugh. I ended up giving it to goodwill. Hopefully if found a home with someone who loved it.


  3. hi,I recently found your blog and fell in love with all of your great outfits.Also I agree with you my family usually tries to by me something I like but they dont really understand what I like.

  4. Have you thought about asking them for the repro cookbooks? Do you own them already? They could easily be found at any bookstore and look great next to your vintage kitchenware in a nice stand!

  5. Erin,

    Cookbooks are a GREAT idea. I love to cook, and do need more more cookbooks. Actually two years ago my BF bought me the Betty Crocker cookbook on Amazon, and it was lost somewhere in transit I guess, and it never came, but it took like 3 months for Amazon to issue a refund. That made me sad that year, but maybe its time to give Amazon another chance. Thanks for the ideas and great links!


  6. Ahaha, that bag is so funny!

    If they feel uncomfortable giving you vintage, maybe you could ask for books about vintage fashion, cooking, design, etc? Can't hurt to have some more eye candy and they get to shop where they feel comfortable.

  7. I would LOVE to get a set of pink towels! Mine are getting so old too. Maybe I'll ask for that ;)

  8. Fortunately, you could sell everything on ebay in january !!! ha ha ha !!! Same problem here !!!

  9. I don't think I'll ever grow out of Elvis, but that phone's a bit much, I'll stick to his vinyl thank you very much.

    Hope you get some good junk for Christmas!

  10. Yay (Jumping up an down clapping my hands)
    i love this post and i could not agree more!
    i've have attempted explaining this to people to no avail
    now i don't have to try anymore i can just let them read this lol

  11. For the love of Betty:

    I am soooo glad you liked it! I really expected to get the whole: Your a terrible person, materialistic, selfish, spoiled, ungreatful, etc. But in reality, its all in good fun! I will change the name to: Rockabilly Socialite Public Service Anouncement on Vintage Christmas Gifts. he he he

  12. I like the idea of requesting books instead. That purse is just god awful. Sayin' it loud and proud!

  13. Dollie, I totally agree with you, I had a little laugh reading this because I can really relate to it. Although my family is pretty good with buying me presents, I have got some shockers that have gone straight to Goodwill too ;)
    I cant believe that ANYONE would think that bag/shoe thing is anything but awful! Hehehe.

    x Molly


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