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Sara's going away party!

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Last Sunday I "hosted" a going away party for my friend Sara Tullburg, who was going back home to Sweden. She was here in LA just for a semester of school, then had to head back home. We had waaayyyy too much fun together while she was here, so I was really sad that she had to leave. I wanted to make sure that she got a good send off, and she mentioned that she wanted to go to the Cicada Club. So, we had a going away party for her at the Cicada Club, in a true old hollywood style! The building dates back to 1928, when is used to be a gentleman's clothing store. Now it is a swanky restaurant and bar! It's art-deco, and original through out. It has a stage, dance floor and tables on the first floor. The second floor has a bar, smaller dance floor, piano, and lots of sitting areas.

Hot Club Quintette


I didn't know they let cowboys in this joint.

The Boys

I think we are talking trash right now. Probably about you.

No, I really think we were telling Mary that she HAD to get in this pic. :)

Derek was nice enough to buy some dinner and desert for the table, and Sara bought champage. My toast to her went something like this: "Sara, you have been a pain in my ass ever since you got here. I am so glad you are leaving. Don't let America's door hit you on the ass on the way out." He he he. She loved it!

After the champagne....

Sara held-up the elevator man.

As always, I had to come in and smooth it out. It always goes, "Don't take her seriously. She is a crazy Swede. Don't worry, she is going back home tomorrow." He understood.

Once upstairs, we took funny pics in this little phone booth thingie.


Then we went back to the bar!

Upstairs was more our style. Less stuffy!

These foreign girls loved me and took like a hundred pics. I have that affect on foreigners.

Too funny Mary!

They really let any riff-raff into this joint. I mean, this guys a Hobo for Christ-sake!

Did I mention that we have way too much fun?

Yeah, that happened. She started it!

Thank god this trouble maker is gone now.

I miss her already!


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  1. That black dress you have on is HOT!

  2. Why, thank you dahhhling......

    he he he

    :) It was a Christmas gift from Zack from like 4 years ago!


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