Rene and Alana's Diner Party

9:31 AMDollie DeVille

Things have been really busy for me lately, with preparations for Christmas, and the closer we get, the busier I get! There is shopping, wrapping, decorating, baking, Christmas shows and parties galore! I have been to a few parties already, but I will just tell you about one today. On Tuesday we went to Rene (of The SideWynders) and Alana's house for a dinner party. It was us and one other couple, Shorty Poole (bass player from like every band ever) and Michelle. Alana made a smorgasbord of food: Pork chops, zucchini pie, rosemary mashed potatoes, breads and dips and a ton of other stuff. It was all soooooo good and all served on atomic dishes and a Heywood Wakefield dinner table. Michelle made the best Italian sausage stuffed mushrooms ever and some amazing frosted sugar cookies. There was wine, champagne, and beer. The food was amazing but the company was ever better! We played pictonary, couples against couples. It was a hoot, and Zack and I kicked butt. Then we played Scatagories, and Alana cheated her way to a victory. We just let her win. Just kidding Alana! It was such a fun night. We are so lucky to have such good friends.

Rene and Shorty looking over the music options

The Hosts

Shorty and Michelle playing pictionary


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