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Karling's Rockabilly Review: The 18 Wheelers

12:21 PMDollie DeVille

Last Wednesday we made the long trip to Bigs in Fullerton because Chris Sugarballs Sprague and His 18 Wheelers were playing.

Me, Jordan, Cher and Sandra

Chris Glitterballs.

Karling Abbeygate, singin' the classics

Girls only: Amber, Emily, Jordan, me, Sandra, Mary, Alana and Cher

Bobby, Zack and Dave Pappy Stuckey trucker-ed out!

The band was great, and the place was packed!

Up to old tricks! 

Lots and lots of dancing!

Not a bad time for a Wednesday night!! Thanks so much to Karling for putting on us a fabulous show!

Dollie D

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  1. Love Sandra! She was always such a sweetheart!

  2. Great pics! Even though I am in DC, I actually recognize one of the gals in your photos! I used to correspond with Cher on a couple of years ago! I have never met her in person but I would know that lovely face anywhere! I miss chatting with her! So kind and so stylish!

  3. I am glad to see that it really is a small world, huh girls? Both of these gals are on facebook, you should look them up on my friends list. They will be on my blog a lot, so make sure to check back! XOXO


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