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Cruise For a Cause

11:08 AMDollie DeVille

Last Saturday we had to miss a lot of amazing Christmas parties, but it was for a good cause. The Deadbeats in Ventura put on the Second Annual Cruise For a Cause Car Show, with all proceeds going to charity. My boyfriends band, Blue Collar Combo was the headliner. It was raining like crazy that day, so I knew I couldn't let Zack do the hour long drive alone. There was not a big crowd there for the car show, because of the rain, but the bands were setup inside the bar. Everyone loved the band, and it was a lot of fun.

Brandon the bass players hand after the show. Thats rockabilly!

While I was in Ventura, I wanted to hit the antique shops and spend the $50 my Grandma sent me for Christmas. But, the rain made it impossible. So, I was happy to see that they had vintage vendors set up. Yippy! So, I got these two beautiful dresses:

A beautiful yellow chiffon party dress! $25

A pink floral party dress with green velvet belt with bow.
It has a seem coming apart at the shoulder, so I got it for only $10!!!!
Its such an easy fix too!

Ventura loves Blue Collar Combo, so we know they will have us back soon.

Dollie D

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