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Christmas Morning 2010

6:09 PMDollie DeVille

We got up bright and early Christmas Morning to open presents. 

Santa brought Gravy some new balls!

And he brought me some new Benefit makeup!

And Zachary got Lorna Doone cookies and scratchers, but none were winners. 
I guess he was not that good.

I got him a vintage embroidered shirt with fighting cocks. 

He got me a vintage dogwood necklace. Thats my fav flower!

I got him a vintage tiki barkcloth shirt

I am so excited over this black lucite purse with carved top

He is excited about this vintage cardigan I got him. 

He got me Remix Pollys!!! yippy!!! 

And I got him a vintage ricky jacket in red and green........
and a new digital camera! The Samsung Dual View. 
So we can finally take good pics!

Gravy really liked the paper. Look at her little tongue sticking out. 

He also got me a vintage gold confetti glitter lucite purse with carved top and handle!!!
Alana is going to be sooooo jealous! 

The pink towels and atomic cassarole dish are from my Mom.
The starglow china is from Alana. She also got me a black vintage sweater dress.

Zack also got me some new perfume! 
Its Very Hollywood by Michael Kors, in the NEW gold glitter bottle!

Thats a lot of loot!!!

That night we went to Zack's Mom's house and had Christmas dinner and exchanged gifts with the family. They got Zack a new video recorder thats full HD, and only the size of an Iphone! Its amazing! I got an Emily Post book on etiquette, and we got a few other things. It was such a nice and relaxing Christmas! I really do have the best boyfriend, friends, and family ever! Now I am all set for Viva! he he he


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  1. MUST have been good this year! What a wonderful collection <3

  2. Wow, what a haul! Looks like you had a great Christmas. Gravy is adorable.

  3. I guess I was pretty good this year, but not THAT good. :) I don't ever think I deserve all he gives me, but he still says I do. And, yes, I have the most beautiful, sweet, waskally cat ever! I love her to pieces.


  4. Lucky girl! I especially love the gold lucite purse!

  5. Wow, SUPER lucky girl! Enjoy all of that goodness! What BeneFit makeup did you get? Have you ever tried TheBalm? *LOVE* them!

  6. Wow what great gifts!!! What a great guy you have!

  7. About the Benefit....

    I love Benefit! I use their playstick foundation, and Benetint everyday. I just got the Browzings, High Brow, and more Playstick for Christmas. I have Georgia, and I like that too. I need more Benetint because I am out. Which Balm? The Benetint one? I want that too!

    I got a Macy's giftcard for Christmas too, and I got my first MAC stuff! 4 eye shaddows, in neutral matte colors. I like the natural eye look, plus black eye liner, and red lips. Classic!

  8. WOW everything you got was amazing! I want that perfume and the dishes!

  9. Nope, not BeneFit, a different line. TheBalm is similar, but a smaller company based out of SF too. They sell it at Sephora at SCP last time I checked.

    You should really check out BeneFit's Coralista blush, as well as Sugarbomb. I started on BeneFit back when I was 17 (I'm 30 now), with many of the products you mentioned. I moved away from them when I discovered others of better quality, but those two blushes are really top-notch.

    What MAC shadows did you pick up?

  10. I will look up The Balm. Thanks for the tip! Lets see if I can remember the MAC colors....

    Yogurt, Era, Vapor, Dazzle Light, and Retrospeck. I only got 4, so one of these is not a color I got, but I cant remember now.

    So, for my first MAC purchase, did I do okay?

    I have yet to use them, probably on New Years Eve.

  11. Check out Blanc Type the next time you're at the counter, one of my favorite off-white highlighters. I love All That Glitters too. How does Retrospeck work out for you? I got rid of mine because there was too much fallout. Sable is a beautiful color too, if you're ready to branch out to something fun!


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