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Brunch Americana: SideWynders, Bonebreak and Petunia and The Vipers

12:07 PMDollie DeVille

Last Sunday we went to the Redwood for Brunch Americana to see The SideWynders, Bonebreak Syncopators, and Petunia and The Vipers all the way from Canada! 

The SideWynders!!! Amazing as always.

With guest stars Shorty Poole and Carlitos!

Bonebreak Syncopators

Nicole, as cute as ever!

Can you spot Captain Morgan in this pic? It fitting because its a pirate bar!

Petunia and The Vipers

The dance floor was packed!


Guest star Big Sandy!

Derek bought everybody NY steaks! Yum!!

Me and Alana!

It was such a good time!!! I figured this time I would just show you rather than tell you.


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