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Amber Foxx's Christmas Party

10:43 AMDollie DeVille

Last Friday we went to Amber and Bobby Foxx's Christmas party hosted at their beautiful home in Anaheim. They always throw the best parties! Here is the night in pictures:

Everyone hanging out in the livingroom. I want that rug!

More of the crowd. I want that shaddow box too!

People in the pinkroom. Of course, I want that too.

Sandra gave me some cute ruffly butt undies with a nice high-waist!

And dead stock clip-on bows in gold....

and green! She also gave me another chalkware fish! Thanks Sandra!

We had a yankee swap too! Elvis and male genitals were a big theme.

Thats not Sandra, thats a horse!

Sugarballs got blue balls.....for his ipone!

I got real moonshine! Perfect for a Hillbilly Dumplin' like me!

Bobby smoking a pipe and looking dapper.

Elvis on velvet!

What could be in that bog box?

A life size doll, what else? Next year I am bringing a life size horse. That should be a hit!
Sugarballs got a gun that shoots shots! Alchohol was a theme too.

Sugarballs got Zack some truckin' glasses, and a Memphis ash tray.

Many drinks later, Nicole switched clothes with the doll.

And the boys took advantage of it, in way too many positions.

Remember people, what happens at the party, ends up on my blog!

Dollie D

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