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What I did this long weekend..

7:07 PMDollie DeVille

I did more than eat during this Thanksgiving weekend....really, I did! 

We took down all of the harvest decorations, and put up the Christmas decorations and lights. While Zack was putting up the lights, he noticed that the gutters were full, so he cleaned them out. What a good boy he is!    

I also finished the kitchen curtains, and Zack hung them up.

Pink atomic valance

Valance and cafe curtains in the kitchen. 

I also added a valance to the laundry room window. The cat likes it. 

And last but not least, I started a painting. Did I ever tell you that I paint? Well, I used to, and I am pretty good at it. When I am done I will show you. 


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  1. Your lil'house is so cute. Pink atomic curtains + a beautifull cat + a BF handyman. Sounds great :)

  2. Those curtains are positively awesome! I'm smitten with the classic colour palette and fantastic atomic design.

    Wishing you a blissful Tuesday,

  3. The house is coming together! One of the funnest things about being into vintage decor, is that the home is always a work in progress.

  4. I just love you all sooooo much! Thank you for making me feel warm and fuzzy with your comments. Yes, it will always be a work in progress. I can see that now! he he he

  5. You have such a cute little house! Nice job on the curtains :)


  6. Aww I love your house! So cute! And the curtains (and cat!) look great!

  7. The curtains are cool. Is that a Tiki I spy through the kitchen window?

  8. Your curtains are adorable. Love them. You did a great job. :)


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