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Weber’s Halloween Party

4:24 PMDollie DeVille

Last Friday we went to a Weber’s Rockabilly Halloween Party in Reseda. It was a costume party, with prizes for the best Costumes. I didn’t think than many people would actually dress up, but most people did! The best costume of the night was from the owners of Classic Hardware. They dressed as Bonnie and Clyde, and went the whole nine yards! They had authentic gangster outfits, machine guns that made noise, lots of money and an exact replica hotrod door with all of the bullet holes! It was soooooo cool! I was a retro space girl (a costume from last year) and Zack was a hillbilly (no surprise). Alana was a Dia De Los Muertos mariachi, and she could really pull that off! Swede Sara was a corn and that was really funny too! I won a price for the best hairstyle, and Zack won Classic Hardware’s prize for best male costume, just because they liked his hat. Alana won the best costume of the night, and got a $100 gift certificate to Unique Vintage! Darn her! Overall I think about 8 prizes were awarded. The entire place was decorated for Halloween and even the staff dressed in costumes, which was really a nice touch. The main event for the night was Deke Dickerson and The Eccofonics! Deke loves costumes, so we were all excited to see what he came up with. Well, it was a big surprise! I actually did not recognize him when he came in! He was dressed as a very realistic Frankenstein! He looked so tall, with such broad shoulders, and such a big forehead! Everyone was blown away, then immediately started giving him funny names…..FrankenDeke….. Dekenstein……. FrankenDeke Dickerstein. It was hilarious. Chris “Sugarballs” Sprague went as a mad doctor, Dave Stuckey (who made a guest appearance on stage) went as a mental patient, and Garrett Immel was Egor. Together they were a hoot. It was a classic Halloween party, just like you always picture it… of monsters, decorations everywhere, and lots of drunk people in funny costumes!

Stuckey, Zack, and Sugarballs

Sally Jo, Me and Cara

FrankenDeke Dickerstein!

An alien crashed the party, but I took care of him. 

Alana won best costume of the night!

Everyone loved Sara the corn!!!


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  1. Great photos of that night! I have some more if you'd like to see them :)

    Feel free to use ones if they relate to you.


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