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5:07 PMDollie DeVille

The Yahoo main page just announced some beauty trends that we have to give up in winter, including hot pink lipstick and floral hair clips. Now, I don't like to be told what to do, but just because we are rockabilly, doesn't mean that we are oblivious to current trends and seasons. I just like to think that we are ABOVE the trends. However, I do agree that hot pink lipstick and hair flowers are not appropriate winter garb. So, what is a doll to do with out her favorite shade of Exotic Pink by Besame, and her favorite hair clips? Well, wear red lipstick of course! That's a no brainer, even for a blonde. For the hair flowers, I think poinsettias are appropriate flowers for Christmastime, if you just can't let it go. Also, remember last springs trend- bows? Well, they never go out of season!

Say fairwell to the hot pink lips and hair flowers until next spring! Ditto for shorts and sun dresses, but you knew that!


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  1. I don't have the slightest clue what is trendy and what is not, and I couldn't care less. I assume that wearing wool socks pulled up over skinny jeans with boots is I see a lot of that here. Otherwise, winter calls for darker colours yes but I don't think it means flowers are completely out; just make them darker as well. And if you live somewhere that doesn't specifically have a really doesn't matter so much at all. Lipstick for seasons? Never heard of that. Time of day yes. Only thing I can for sure say I won't wear in winter is white shoes...I wouldn't be able to find my feet in the snow :)

  2. We live in California, and as my fashionable friend E told me, while I was contemplating whether I should wear my new Kamehameha Friday night, "Honey, we live in California, we can wear Hawaiian any time we want!"

  3. Rueby, yes I have no idea what is trendy now. Ugg boots I guess. But I hate them with a passion and wouldnt ever wear them no matter how comfy. Also, funny you should mention the white shoes in winter. I go back and forth with that one all the time. I always end up wearing white shoes because my fav pairs are white and match everything. Good thing we don't get snow in Southern CA!

    Kim-Yes, wear Kamehameha whenever possible. Its freakin Kamehameha!


  4. If you have a really smokin' pink sweater/winter style dress, red lipstick might look off; so in this case pink would probably be fine. And if you are going to wear a Hawaiian dress, it better have a bolero. With the hair flowers, I totally agree about poinsettias although I can't bring myself to wear one unless it is actually Christmas or Christmas Eve. I'd rule out all tropical flowers and daisys, rich red velvet roses might do the trick! Since I have short hair, I am a sucker for bows YEAR ROUND which is always ok during winter :)


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