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5:53 PMDollie DeVille

So, I very rarely post about stuff I buy, because I don't want to seem materialistic or "show-off-ish", but these are gifts, so they don't count! I got another package from Stacie! 

It was from Bree's Vintage Revival on Etsy, and was wrapped beautifully!

There were these cute earrings, key chain....

and bracelet! All in pink! Would you believe that this is my only pink bangle? I had a carved one that I dropped and it broke. :( So I am sooooo thankful for this!!!! Thanks again to Stacie!


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  1. Love that cute pink bangle!

    I'd love to see what you buy! I don't think it's materialistic at all....I enjoy seeing what kinds of things people have and what kinds of bargains they are snagging up. We write vintage blogs after all, so I expect to see some vintage buying from time to time. So, commence with the show me what you bought posts and if someone has a problem with it tell them to go some where else! In fact I could name a few places they could go right now...but that wouldn't be very lady like! ;-)


  2. Who cares what other people think?!I want to see vintage goodness in all its glory!! LOL

  3. Oh Mary, its sooooo true! I really love seeing what other people are buying too. Like you, I love seeing your newest lamp or HeyWake! I cant wait to see you decorate the new house!


  4. Oh, I love to see what others are buying. =D
    -Andi x


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