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6:08 PMDollie DeVille

Today we went to Lincoln Fabrics in Venice. They have been in business forever, so they have a ton of stock, including old and discontinued fabrics. Some of the prices were low, some were fair, and some were high. We ended up spending $160, but got a lot of stuff. We were just happy to be able to find everything we wanted in one place. We got tiki barkcloth for the living room windows, atomic guitar barkcloth for pillows, pink atomic barkcloth for the kitchen windows, a mid-mod novelty print cotton for curtains in the laundry room, and a cute little atomic cotton fabric for the backdoor valance. I have soooo many curtains to make. I cant wait to get started!

We also went to Linoleum City in Hollywood to buy VCT tiles for the bathroom remodel. Here is a sneak peak of what we are planning:


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  1. LUCKY LADY!! Those are some amazing and beautiful fabrics. I hope you post pics of the finished curtains hung up all cute.

  2. Wish we had shops like this here in Nova Scotia!!! Love those fabrics especially the pink atomic barkcloth! Your place will look soooo good.

  3. LOVE the pattern and thank you for the inspiration! My husband and I are planning VCT for our kitchen/dining area and I really like what you've come up with here. I'm going to see how this will look in a grey/yellow/white combo. Love the fabrics too!!

    Keep up the cool blog & posts!

  4. I am jealous of your tiles' awesomeness.


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