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Last Friday With The Lucky Stars!

9:30 PMDollie DeVille

Last Friday we went to see the Lucky Stars at Weber's Rockabilly Friday Nights. To my surprise, the opening band was Roy Rapid and The Rhythm Rock Trio from San Diego. We saw them at The Rhythm Rocker Weekend and they were really good. I was glad to see Karen bring them to our neck of the woods. 

Roy Rapid and The Rhythm Rock Trio

As, always, The Lucky Stars were amazing, and played a ton of dancing tunes. Sadly, my camera died early into the night, so I didn't get any pictures of The Lucky Stars playing, but a got a few random pictures:

Me, Sage and Karen

With Ray Campi. 


I wore a vintage seafoam sweater and a vintage grey skirt that I got at Rhythm Rocker. 
Also, my bosoms are out of control!


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  1. vavavoom! Sweater girl! We're gonna nickname you Jayne ;-)

  2. Thats fine with me! I love Janyne! She is my idol. :)

  3. You look smoking in this outfit! Straight out of the 50's, such a cute look!


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