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Karling's Rockabilly Review

1:59 PMDollie DeVille

Every Wednesday Karling Abbeygate hosts a Rockabilly Review. She has some of southern California's best rockabilly acts, and her band is always the opening act. We have really been wanting to go, but its very far for us to go on a Wednesday night. 

Luckily, I had the day off, and the rest of the week off. Most of that afternoon was spent at the dentist, where I was replacing a filling that had fallen out. It was not fun, and I was in a lot of pain once the numbness wore off. But, I didn't want to let that stop me from going to this show. 

The event takes place at Big's Bar and Grill in Fullerton. Due to the holiday traffic, the trip took us two and a half hours. The bar was a fair size, but the dance floor was covered in tables and chairs, making it basically unusable for more than one or two couples at a time. They had food, but it was nothing special. The drink specials were good, with 24oz PBRs for $3. 

Chris and Mary dancing

This week she had Big Sandy's Holiday Jam, including performances by Amber Foxx, The Vaquetones, Captain Jeffrey, Ernie Vargas of the Vargas Bros, Marquis of the Barrel House Boys, Derick Dupree, and more! This was a lot of music packed into one Wednesday night! There was a really good size crowd, and everyone was in good spirits. 

Amber and I

Big Sandy!

Amber Foxx and Bobby Foxx

Ernie Vargas

Derick Dupree

Captain Jeffrey


Swede and Zachary

Marquis from the Barrel House Boys

Karling and I. I really need to get my roots done, but my hairdresser is out of town! :(


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