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9:37 AMDollie DeVille

I need pyrex. I don't have any yet, can you believe that? I need PINK!!! So, I entered this giveaway at Anonymous Was A Woman, and you can too!

Dollie D

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  1. pyrex is the best! Ive recently started an obsession with it lol. I LOVE the pink & turquoise colored pyrex... and came upon A BUNCH of it at an antique fair over the summer.. but unfortunately our kitchen is themed in red & black so I had to pass =(

  2. Arent matching color scemes the hardest thing? Our colors are light yellow, teal, and light pink. So, everything has to be the color. Our last kitchen what red, white and black, so I had to get rid of EVERYTHING. ha ha ha. So, how about we will swap the finds that dont match our kitchens. I will send you all the red stuff I find, and you send me the pink and teal Pyrex you find. HA HA HA.



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