Truck Drivin' Good Time at Brunch Americana

4:07 PMDollie DeVille

This past Sunday we went to Brunch Americana at the Redwood to see Lisa and her Kin and Chris “Sugarballs” Sprague and his 18 Wheelers. If you listen to KCSN (the Cal State Northridge station), they had a special truck driving music hour this past Saturday. They played a few of their songs, and promoted the show at the Redwood. I have heard Lisa and her Kin many times on KCSN's "The Twang Show", but have never seen them in person. Lisa and her Kin were really fun in person, so I am glad I finally got to see them live. They are a tight band, as they should be, because they really are “kin”. They got a few couples out on the dance floor, and I think the crowd enjoyed them. My favorite part was when they brought up Dave “Pappy” Stuckey to sing a duet with Lisa, “Hog Tied Over You”. This is my favorite song that they do, so I was happy to hear it. The headliners for the evening were none other than Chris “Sugarballs” Sprague and His 18 Wheelers, and they pulled out all the stops for this show. The band dressed in vintage 1970s attire, with matching mustaches. No, really! Sugarballs wore a tight bedazzled denim bellbottom jumpsuit, chest hair on display and everything! Zack wore tight HbarC Western Wear of CA bellbottoms with a floral button up. Bobby wore cream polyester bellbottoms with a matching button up top. Dave Berzansky wore a floral western top and the best mustache on stage. Dave Stuckey wore some very nice light blue polyester bellbottoms, too bad you couldn’t see them behind the drums! They were a hoot. They all looked like a cross between The Village People and pedophiles. It was amazing and the crowd loved it! I sure hope they pull that stunt again! Oh yeah, the music. It was great as always! They did a really long set, and dedicated my fav to me, Johnny Horton’s “I’m Comin’ Home”. Thanks for putting on another great show!

I kind of look like a man in a wig in this pic. ha ha

Sexy kinda!

Thanks to Sandra Sprague for sending these pics in! :)

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