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Rhythm Rocker Weekender!!

11:58 AMDollie DeVille

This past weekend was the Rhythm Rocker Weekender in Long Beach CA.

We headed down there on Thursday night about 6:00pm. Surprisingly, there was no traffic at all, so we made it in about an hour. We checked into our room at the Seaport Marina, which was a real disappointment. Out of all of the rooms we saw that weekend, ours was the worst for sure. It was a real dump. It was filthy, especially the carpet, headboard, walls and bathroom tile. The closet smelled like BO too. The furniture in our room was horrible, 1980s pressboard, and it was all falling apart. The bed was hard as a rock and slanted toward the ground at the foot. The sheets were horribly ruff too. One of the chairs was made of wicker, and had a huge hole through the back. Also, there was no bath tub, just a standing shower. I could go on and on here, it was just…icky.

After relaxing and having a warm up beer, we headed over to the pre-party at The Puka Bar. The Puka Bar was decorated all tiki in the bar area, but the band area with the stage was not really decorated. One of the bartenders was pretty bad, sorry to say. The drinks were strong, but tasted terrible. I ordered a Mai Tai and it tasted too much like grenadine and lime, too little like orange and pineapple. The staff was nice though, and the price was fair, so we kept the complaining to a minimum. I felt really good after that first one, so I ordered another. I mentioned they were strong, right? Ha ha. DJ Satoshi opened up the night with plenty of dancing tunes. The crowd was really digging his music. My boys The SideWynders were playing that night, so we mostly went to support them. They were amazing as usual. They did more of their rockabilly stuff, and less of their western stuff, which suited the crowd I think. I finally got to dance with Raul, and it was amazing. Yippy! Overall, it was a fun pre-party, mostly because of the good crowd. At 2am we left the bar and hit Ihop on the way back.

Best picture of the weekend.
Swede Sara, Carlitos, and Zack

Charlie Thompson, Alana, Big Sandy and Me

The SideWynders

Motorboating accident

On Friday afternoon we went to “Retro Row” on 4th Street. The shops were really awesome, and we brought so much stuff. Then we went to Lola’s for lunch. The food was amazing. Especially the chips and salsa. The restaurant is decorated with lots of dia de los muertos stuff, which was really cool.

Nick's shop Sneaky Tiki

Pile sale!


Lola's Mexican Resturant

With Sara in front of Hawlywoods and Sneaky Tiki

Then we headed back to the room to get ready for the shows. I was felling lazy, so just ended up wearing jeans and a Shaheen Hawaiian top. The ballroom was as I remembered it, bright lighting with the stage to the right, bar to the left, vendors on either side and the dancefloor down the center. They had a lot of security at this event. I always make sure to make friends with them right away, so they let me get away with a lot. Because of this I was able to bring drinks back and forth from my room all weekend. The first band on for the night was Barrel House Boys, but I missed them because we were hanging out in the room for too long. We did see Rockin’ Bonnie from Italy though. We had met her and the band earlier that night, so we knew we couldn’t miss her. They were really good, so we bought their CD. Big Boy Bloater from the UK closed out the night. I was looking forward to seeing him because I have heard a lot about him and I love jump blues. It was different than I expected, and I wasn’t really feeling it. After the DJs stopped at 2am, I went to take a shower and set my hair. Zack went out to Rene and Alana’s room party, and I caught up with him after, in my pjs, rollers and all. What a fun night!

Rockin' Bonnie

Barrel House Boy's tie
With Shorty's Atomic Swag booth

Rene and Alanas room party!

Rockin' the rollers and PJ look. I didn't get the yellow shirt memo.

Saturday afternoon we went to the pool party. They had a bar, food, dj, live bands, and vendors. One of the vendors had really good prices so I got a few things. The djs were good, and got a few people dancing. No one really went into the pool because it was so overcast. We hung out at the pool party for a few hours, and then went back to the room to freshen up.

At the car show

Bopping at the pool party


Sara jiving at the pool party

The first band on in the ballroom was Jail Break from Fresno. I had read about them before, so I knew I wanted to check them out. I love their “look” with the black and white striped shirts/ dickies blue shirts, jeans, and boots. They also had a lot of tattoos that worked for them. They looked pretty tough. Ha ha. They didn’t just look good though, they also played good! They were amazing. They should be huge. I can’t go on enough about how much I liked them, really. The lead singer reminded me of Chris from13 Stars, pretty much my favorite band ever. That is a huge compliment, so I told him, and I think he seemed to get it. The Volcanics played in the other room, but their 1960s sound was a little late for me. The next band on was the Delta Bombers, which also did not disappoint. They really rocked it hard, and are now one of my favorite bands on the WILD Record Label. They are also really nice guys too! The Cleftones were the next group on. They were all dressed very sharply in matching white suits. They were “on” the whole time. You can tell they still have “got it”. They were a great show. I especially loved when they did “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”. The Sun Records Tribute was the last act on for the night. The tribute featured Big Sandy, Charlie Hightone, Carl Sonny Leland, and Charlie Thompson. How could that line-up possibly be bad? It couldn’t! It was the shit. Ha ha. I don’t really know who stole the show, but it might have been Charlie Hightone. When Charlie Thompson went on, Alana and I were joke fighting for who got to be in the very front. It was a hoot. Apparently, in my drunken stupor, I told Frannie that “Charlie Thompson is my boyfriend, he just doesn’t know it yet.” I know she is not making that up, because that is exactly something I would say. It was hands-down the best quote of the night. At 2 am they kicked us out of the ballroom, but the party didn’t end…the room parties we just beginning! I remember being in multiple different rooms, drinking a lot of different hooch, and eating a lot of chips. A LOT of chips. I shared a lot of them, but I still think it was like a whole bag or two. One bag was my pop-chips, and one bag was the Italian’s jalapeƱo chips. I was really hungry from not eating dinner, so thanks to the Italian for feeding me. I guess my boyfriend went to Jack In The Box, but didn’t think to get me anything. Jeez. Oh, we also took a lot of dumb pictures (that were on facebook right away). Ha ha. It was the best night of the weekender for sure.

Jail Break on stage

After the show

Amber and Bobby Foxx!

Delta Bombers!

With Doris MayDay!

Mark O with The Cleftones

Deen, Alana, Me and Zack at The Cleftones show.

Woman's fashion of the night

Mens fashion of the night

A pake mu was the thing to wear on Sat!

Zack being a pimp.

Charlie Hightone

Charlie Thompson and Ashley

Charlie Hightone, Ashley, Big Sandy, and Charlie Thompson at The Sun Records Showcase.

The next morning I was surprisingly not that hung-over. Just hungry. We went to Ruby’s Diner for lunch. We had a ton of fun trying to remember what happened the night before, and comparing funny stories. I think the best story from the weekend was when the Swede “broke” into our room to get some booze and realized Zack was actually sitting in the room. When she realized she was caught she grabbed the nearest “weapon” which was a bottle of hairspray from the bathroom. Then she proceeded to spray it all over the room before she realized that it was shaving cream and not hairspray. It was actually really funny. That silly Swede!

The hang-over crew at Ruby's Dinner

After lunch we hung out by the pool party and watched some of The Time Bombs’ set before we went back to the room to get ready for the night. After changing I went back to the pool to catch Hobo Jazz, but it started sprinkling, so I had to high-tail it out of there before my hair got wet. Almon Loos and The Hoop-n-Hollars was the first band on that night in the ballroom. He did a good set and was crazy like usual. He added the Italian on keyboard for this show and it was awesome. Ramblin’ James and The Billyboppers was next on. They always put on a good show, and I love seeing them. The Frantic Rockers were not really my style. Roy Rapid and The Rhythm Rockers from San Diego were really good, and cute young guys to boot. Miss Mary-Ann and The Rag Time Wranglers closed out the night with a bang. She is always amazing, and they put on a great show. Unfortunately, all of the bands had to cut their sets short to compress all of the acts into the one ballroom. This also made for very short dj time between bands. Overall, the weekend was what you made of it. There were great bands, booze, shopping, a bed, and lots and lots of friends. If you had a bad time, you were doing something wrong. Ha ha. We had a really good time and were sad to see the weekend end.

The Time-Bombs

I want this hat.

Doing Franny's Do.

Hobo Jazz

With Raul, the BEST DANCER EVER!

Almon Loos and The Hoop-n-Hollars

Franny rockin' her new hairstyle

I love him.

Ramblin' James

Roy Rapid at The Rhythm Rockers

Raul blindfold dancing!

I love these Itailans!

Room bar spoils

On Monday afternoon we packed up and left the hotel. Our room was trashed just like everyone else’s, with chips and shaving cream mashed into the carpet. We went to Joe’s Crab Shack for lunch, and it was yummy. On the way home Zack and I went to Disneyland, and it was the perfect cap for the weekend.

Rene and Alana at Joe's Crab Shack
What are you going to do now that your weekender is over? Go to Disneyland!

Until the next weekender,


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  1. looks like you had a great time - thank you for sharing!!

  2. Oh yes, the infamous dogpile. I dont think we got any, but I know Raul did. I think they are on his facebook. He also got the best drunk pics of me from Sat night. ha ha

  3. Great post. Sounds cool.

    What an explosion of Pake Muu !!! wonderfull !!!

  4. Sounds Like fun-! Love your outfits . Miss Amethyst

  5. It was so nice to finally meet you! and great recap of the weekend! You caught a lot more of the bands than I did. Great coverage!

  6. Yaaaaa all hail the spoils of weekenders. I need me some more Joe Sixpack, Ashley Kingman house guitarist, Ramblin James, Hobo Joe the house drummer, Jeff West the house bassist, Carl Sonny Leland, Miss Mary Anne, Charle Hightone, Big Sandy, CHARLIE THOMPSON, the Cleftones, Rene Cervantes & the Side-Wynders and all the other Rockabilly stars I forgot to include thank u. Alana

  7. Next year I will be there or be square.


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