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Hillbilly DJ Jeff’s Birthday

5:10 PMDollie DeVille

Last Saturday night we celebrated Hillbilly DJ Jeff’s birthday at The Redwood with the Dave and Deke Combo and Lucky Tubb. Jeff sure knows how to throw a party, and this was no exception! He had the place packed early in the night for Lucky Tubb. Lucky is Earnest’s grandson, and he always puts on a great show. As you can guess, he does Earnest Tubb covers, and he does them well. His fiddle player is amazing. The headliners were none other than the infamous Dave and Deke Combo. They are possibly the best band ever. At least the most comical band ever. This show started off with a bang: an intro eafing song and hillbilly’s with pompadours. They also had a corn cob microphone. What fun! In the middle of the set they sang “Happy Birthday” to Jeff and Alana presented him with a cake. Then they brought him on stage to receive 43 spankings from an audience participant (Alana). Everyone was in a celebratory mood and enjoyed the cake and booze. Happy Birthday to Jeff!

Lucky Tubb

Cara and I

See, we are actually behaving ourselves!

Okay, not for long! 

Dave and Deke (no, not on Halloween)

The birthday boy!

Getting spanked!


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  1. Of course Alana did the spanking...she looked like a pro down in Long Beach!

  2. Of course she did! She loves spanking people, even if it is not their birthday! ha ha. I feel this post is a little unenthusiastic for how good the night was, but I am tired and dont feel like writing. :/ Oh well!

  3. Who cares what you write, people just want to look at pictures!

  4. Soooooo true!!!! I will just stop writing all together and then only post pics. Oh wait....thats called Facebook, Myspace...photobucket....

    ha ha ha

    People only care about what I wore. Thats why they want to see the pics. :)


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