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Ventura Nationals 2010

5:56 PMDollie DeVille

This weekend was such a blast. As most of my weekends are in my crazy socialite life! I actually don’t write about even half the stuff I do, mostly because I would rather spend the time doing them, rather than writing about them. Maybe one day I will catch you up on the recent shows I have been to and the fair when Blue Collar Combo played.

On Saturday we got up early and headed to the beach, Ventura to be exact. This was my 6th year of attending Primer Nationals, which is now called Ventura Nationals. This year was extra special, because Zack was playing. Zack had played a few times before, but this time was special because it was with Chris “Sugarballs” Sprague and His 18 Wheelers. Chris is a great band leader. He had everything worked out. The parking, entrance fee, drinks and hotel were all taken care of. John Parker was very kind to the members of the band and really took care of them. Sugarballs had a great set, one of the best I have seen in my opinion. He had blues guitar legend Albert Lee on stage as a guest, and man, that guy can rip! There was a huge crowd to watch the band, which is sort of rare for a car show environment.

I had the pleasure of helping Sandra Sprague sell merchandise (as well as assisting selling merch for the other bands, Blazing Haley and Southern Culture on the Skids). It was a lot of fun, and made me feel like I was earning my keep.

The bands were not the only highlight to the day, there were also a ton of really nice cars there this year, and some really amazing trailers. I just wish I had more time to look at them. There were also a lot of vendors, selling everything from clothing to car parts. This car show is different than any other car show I have ever been to, which makes it easily my favorite year after year. Maybe it is because it is at the beach, but it seems so laid back. No one ever fights over whose car club is the toughest, who rod is the most ratted out, or who did or didn’t build it themselves. There are no girls running after photographers to take their picture, and visa versa. It is just a calm, cool, relaxing environment. You can just sit back, drink a beer, and bullshit with like minded people all day. This year was the best in my opinion. Many thanks to John Parker, Karen, (everyone else that I can’t remember at the moment) and to all of the bands for all the hard work that they do to make this event possible.

From left to right: Zack, Phil Alvin, Me, Karen, John Parker, and Tom Ingram. 

Thanks to Jessica Rose for stopping me on the way out and taking this pic!

That night Mr. and Mrs. Sugarballs Sprague, Mr. and Mrs. Amber Foxx, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Stuckey (including Pearl and Lovie), and Zack and I had elegant dinner at the local pizza parlor, Rusty’s. He he. Then we headed to the hotel and freshened up for dinner. Well, the girls freshened up. The boys just jumped on the bed, threw furniture, and made fart jokes. They are a bunch of monkeys! Then we took 5 hour energy and whiskey shots. It was wildly entertaining.

Fuzzy pic, but so cute I had to add it. Amber is a gansta fool!

Such a cute family!

Monkey's uncle!

I think Bobby is break dancing. No idea.

After the “preparty” we went to The Ventura Bowling Center, where Cory Miller’s (from LA Ink) Power Flex Five, Chris “Sugarballs” Sprague and His 18 Wheelers, and The Blasters were playing the official Ventura Nationals After Party. There were a lot of great cars parked out front, letting everyone know where the party was. This was my first time seeing Power Flex Five, but I was not greatly impressed (am I supposed to be star-struck by Cory Miller?). They were an all instrumental band, and that bored me to death. Sugarballs kicked up the energy and got people out on the dance floor though. Then The Blasters closed out the night. What can I say about The Blasters? Well, it was not the original line-up. So they were one Alvin down, but they added Albert Lee and made up for it. I have not seen The Blasters in about 5 years, so I was really looking forward to this show. Phil was amazing as always. He will stay up there singing his heart out until they kick him off stage. He played all of the hits, plus some. The “dance floor”, also called bowling lanes, was packed with dancers and fans of all types. It was truly a remarkable sight. You will never see a more rockin’ bowling alley in all your life, trust me on that one. We got back to the hotel about 2am, and crashed. Thanks to Amber and Bobby for sharing the room with us, you are the best hotel mates ever!

It was packed!

Amber looking beautiful sinking with Sugarballs. Sugarballs is lookin' like a real bonafide trucker here!

That morning Amber, Bobby, Chris, Sandra, Karen, Gary, Zack and I and a bunch of other people ate a great complementary breakfast at the hotel. After saying our goodbyes, Zack and I headed to Main Street for a little antique shopping. Old town Ventura has some great shopping, so I never go without doing a little antiquing while I am there. I resisted the urge to get clothing, shoes and Lucite purse, knowing that I needed stuff for the house. So, I got a bench seat for my vanity, a gold hat holder, a towel holder that I used to hold my bangles, and a lady head vase. Oh, and just one little ‘ol vintage cocktail dress. I put them all in my dressing room, but you will have to wait until I am finished decorating for the unveiling. He he.

I am pooped from this weekend! Good thing I have a whole week to recover until next weekend!


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  1. O'h couldn't of said it any better. I agreed with all of the information you listed. We had a real blast that weekend.

    I look forward to the next get together. And most of all reading your blog.
    Thanks Dollie,

    Sandra Lee


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