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The SideWynders at The VU Bar

11:19 AMDollie DeVille

Yesterday night the SideWynders played Rockabilly Monday Night at the local watering hole, The VU Ultra Bar. This bar is really low key, and great for a Monday night. There is always plenty of seating and cheap drinks to be had. They also have a good size dance floor and patio. A local band of young guns, The Cochina kings kicked off the night early. They are a talented group of guys that play a little bit of everything: rockabilly, rock-n-roll, blues, and even some 90s covers. They are always fun, but as you know, we were there to see our friends, The SideWynders. Did you know we formally met them at this exact bar? Right from the start we were destined to be good friends. The SideWynders always put on a good show, even if it is a Monday night at a dive bar. For this set, they had a few guest appearances: Stephanie sang a few songs with them, Chris “Sugarballs” Sprague played guitar on one song, and drums on another, and Zack played acoustic guitar on one song. It was a lot of fun. Ramon sang “Cash On The Barrelhead” for me, and I was so happy! Thanks Ramon! Zack and I got to dance to a few songs, which is good, because we need to sharpen up for Rhythm Rocker in two weeks. The boys played two sets, and ended the night about 1am. Thanks to The SideWynders and everyone else for coming out to our neck of the woods!

Zack and Alana dancing

Chris and Sandra

Zack with The SideWynders

Chris "Sugarballs" Sprague with The SideWynders

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