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Route 66 Car Show Review!

11:33 AMDollie DeVille

This past Saturday we went to the Route 66 Car Show. This was the first time we have attended this event. It takes place on the city streets of downtown San Bernardino. We got there 4 hours prior to the set time (2pm), because we knew that the street would be closed down to traffic for the show, and we needed to get our cars as close as possible to the stage to unload equipment. We had these passes to show the guards, and they were supposed to let us through the road barricades, so that we could drive to the stage location. Well, it seemed like every road was closed off a mile from the stage site, and none of the guards knew what they were doing. It took all of us an hour driving around and talking to every guard before we could get through. It was horribly frustrating. We finally got through, and headed strait to the beer garden to drink away our stress with Sugarballs, Sandra, and Bobby. The beers were a good price at $5 for draft. That helped a lot. He he.

There were two stages, one where Kim Lenz and Deke Dickerson and the Ecophonics were playing that night, and a smaller one a few blocks away were Derek Dupree and The Slingers, Chris “Sugarballs” Sprague and His 18 Wheelers, and The Buddy and Suzie Combo were playing. In between the two stages they had blocks and blocks of street vendors, beer gardens and cars on display. This was easily the biggest car show I have ever been to, geographically wise. There was stuff going on for blocks each way you looked- cars, RV BBQ parties, and music. The stage that Sugarballs was playing on was a smaller stage, located in one of the parking lots. That parking lot had a beer garden, food vendors, a pinstripe display and a few cars. It was definitely enough to keep us entertained for a few hours before the show. The first band on was an all kid band, but I missed their band name. They had a ton of members ranging from 7-15 years old that rotated positions throughout the show. They did only 1950s juke box covers, and it was really cute. The next band on was a friend of mine, Derek Dupree. This was the first time I have seen his band. I actually didn’t know he had a band until the moment he showed up. Ha ha. He had a ton of originals, all with a dancing beat. He threw in harmonica in a lot of them, which I really liked. It was fun to see him play!

Derek Dupree and The Slingers

Next up was the rockstar himself, Sugarballs! He is possibly the most entertaining performer I have ever seen on stage. He could be a stand up comedian, really, but he never lets that overshadow his immense musical talent. The car show crowd has really been loving him, especially the few truck drivers in the audience. He has a new fancy guitar pedal that has multiple prerecorded truck driving sounds and he creatively adds these sounds to the set. It’s genius! He put on a great show as always.

Chris Sugarballs Sprague and His 18 Wheelers

Sandra Sprague and Buddy and Suzie!

After that the Buddy and Suzie combo went on. We had to pack up the equipment really quick in order to get Sugarballs off to the other stage where he was playing with Deke Dickerson. Sadly, I got to the other stage as fast as I could, but only caught half of Kim Lenz’s last song.

Kim Lenz

I was really looking forward to seeing her, but I had to help with band duties. Sigh. Luckily, after the show we had plenty of time with the lovely Kim Lenz! She told us that her next show is this Friday, at Weber’s Rockabilly Fridays Nights! So, we are going for sure. I have to tell you, Kim is ever more beautiful, talented, and sweet in person. I just adore her! She is my little Jessica Rabbit. He he.

Watching Deke with Kim.

Deke Dickerson and The Echo-phonics

We all watched Deke Dickerson together, and man, was that a great show! The stage was large, concrete, and out lined in roses. No, really! The sun had gone down, and the warm night was downright enjoyable! Deke had Brent Harding (of Social Distortion) on slap bass, and Sugarballs on drums. He did a lot of his hits, did some eefing with a giant Reese Peanut Butter Cup hat on, and told some great jokes. As usual, it was a great show!

Proof! Eefing with a Peanut Butter Cup hat on. 

Zack and Kim

After the show I had the pleasure of going back stage and eating a lot of junk food. Yippy! That is when I got to meet the super cute boys from Mad Max and The Wildones. They are a family band of father and sons, and boy are these sons talented and cute to boot! It makes me want to have an army of sons to start my own family band! I will do another post on them someday.

Fruit tray anyone?

We headed out at about 11pm to Joe’s in Burbank to see The Lucky Stars. Everyone ended up going there from the car show, so it ended up being a sort of unofficial after party. It was a blast. The lucky stars did multiple sets, and even did an encore with Kim Lenz singing. We all danced, drank, and hoop-n-hollered until they bar kicked us out. We got home about 3am …….what a day!

The Lucky Stars!

The Lucky Stars with Kim Lenz!

Tonight we are heading back to Joe’s in Burbank to see the High-Lo Playboys! I will keep you posted!



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  1. Dollie, can't wait to see your pictures.

    sandra lee

  2. Sounds like an amazing show. I've always loved Kim Lenz's records, but have yet to see her live. Everyone I know who has says the records don't come close to doing her live show justice. Ahhhh! Too cool.

    I just came accross your blog and am adding it to my blogrool now. I like a lot of original rockabilly music, vintage clothing, and mid century decor too, but am also into tons of other stuff. Good rockabilly blogs are underrepresented on my blogroll so I'm glad I found ya : ).



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